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  1. Hey guys, first time posting on here. So iv been building up my rb25det in my r34 for about a year and a half and iv finally got my self a new HD clutch to put in. So I went to remove the old pilot bearing and it literally came out by hand. No tools needed. Thought this was a bit strange. I attempted to fit my new pilot bearing and managed to get it in but it popped into almost a second cavity in the crank I guess you would call it. The bearing moves around freely in there but now my input shaft on the transmission won’t fit into the bearing. Any one come across this before or have any ideas? (Yes, I did align my clutch correctly and yes, I checked the pilot bush fit on the input shaft before installing) cheers guys
  2. Hey guys, this is my first post on these forums. So I’m building a rb25det and I have an aftermarket billet intake with a 90mm throttle body. Iv mocked it all up and the TPS hits the fuse box. I’d rather not relocate the fuse box so Iv noticed that I am able to rotate it 90 degrees. Will this effect performance in anyway? Cheers
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