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  1. I‘m driving a almost stock R34 GTT with the Neo RB25DET. Is it normal that I can‘t hear that typical „psssh“ sound after boosting/taking my foot off the gas? Boost pressure seems fine though and I can hear the turbo noise. Also no flutter. Could it be a BOV leak?
  2. Thank you for your help, really appreciate it. Now I know better where to look for. I tighten it up, clean the maf and see if that already fixed the problem. I read that an exhaust leak also could leak to bad smell and bad performance.
  3. Uh, I guess I found the reason for the boost leak. Bolt was almost out completely. Turbocharger to manifold. The other bolts were lose too. I hope the gasket is fine.
  4. Here a photo of the turbo. Something bad that happened when I tried to remove a porous hose. The very small pipe of the breather pipe broke off (see photos). So thats something to fix now somehow.
  5. Turbo seems fine. No scraping, shaft play minimal up and down, not horziontal. In and out a very very little. Feels like 0.5 mm. But again, I can't make it scrap by hand. My guess is that the whining noise is coming from the bearing or some boost leak.
  6. Even better if I don't have to take out the whole turbo. I'm gonna post the result here once I'm done.
  7. Then that's the first thing I'm gonna do. Just to be sure. The boost noise is there since I bought the car a year ago. So I believe it's just the bearings or a leak. If hitting, then it would be long dead I guess. First time turbo removal for me, that's gonna be fun. After that: Check all connections, other leaks, sensor, catalyst, change fuel filter and maybe fuel pump.
  8. Thanks, I'm gonna have a look that everything is connected. Could it also be caused by a boost leak? The turbo makes a high pitched sound when boosted but I'm not sure wether it's the old ceramic turbo or a leak. Also on my list of things to check. How about the fuel pump?
  9. Thanks all. What could cause the car running lean? I may use the search function for that
  10. Hi all, recently I changed my spark plugs. Went from heat range 6 to 7 as the previous ones were white (running too hot). Not sure why though, because the engine is stock. A days of driving later I noticed a bad smell coming from outside when the window is opened. Only while I drive over 60kmh. If the window is closed there is no smell at all, also not from the A/C. So my guess is that it's either because of the ignition or spark plugs.. or the catalyst. Or maybe both? From what I know is that defect spark plugs can damage the cat. On the other hand the car is running fine, no misfire, etc. Only that bad smell. Anyone had this before? Could it also be something else? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the replies. Stock intake. Someone told me that it is the sound of the nylon turbo fan, when it's about to say "goodbye". He had the same issue with an 2JZ. A bit worried about it.
  12. Hi all, how does the stock turbo of the R34 GTT sound during acceleration/boost? I almost cannot hear mine. It has a very high pitched whistle (not loud) and on highest boost moment there is a weird "drrrrrr" noise. I have no idea if that's normal. During pressure release there is also no sound at all. I know by installing an aftermarket BOV you get that typical loud blow off sound. But again.. is it normal that there is no sound at all? Boost gauge shows that everything is fine though. No boost control. I try to upload a sound file later.
  13. Thank you both. I hope you are right GTSBoy. I‘m going to check all parts for leaks this weekend and see if that solves the problem.
  14. No aftermarket, but I will check it. I just hope it‘s not a turbo damage. Just found this video and while driving it sounds pretty much the same:
  15. Thank you! I‘m going to check it. Would be surprised if the turbo is blown as I‘m driving on standard boost. On the other hand it‘s already at 160.000km. It‘s the stock one. Could it also cause the problem?
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