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  1. Hi I'm having trouble finding out how much heat these clamps can handle. The only part that could deteriorate is the orings and they are advertised as "high temp" but no exact figures. I'm wanting to use one on the compressor housing outlet which is quite close to the exhaust manifold, about 30mm away. Thanks
  2. Boosted Esky

    The car is a custom build. No AFM. I currently have a Turbosmart Kompact dual port in 25mm but it's on the turbo side of the intercooler and I get a little bit of mid rpm surge. I'm about to upgrade the turbo and go from 300hp 20psi to 350hp 25psi so I'm thinking 32mm Dual Port before the throttle body with a plumb back pipe, running in 50/50 config. I noticed my current valve performed a lot better in 50/50 config (less surge) compared to full plumb back. Another reason I'm leaning towards the dual port is to keep the police happy if I have to pop the bonnet. If I keep the BOV blanking cap in my toolbox it can easily be fitted if it got picked on. The cars build date is 1980, I have read somewhere that atmo vented BOVs are ok for older vehicles but I'm not certain what year that goes back to. Thanks
  3. Hi. Which is the better valve? What are the main differences between them and reasons for preferring one over the other. Thanks
  4. Boosted Esky

    Correction- a standard YB head is good for up to 380whp before porting & cams is needed.
  5. Boosted Esky

    Hi Dale. A YB cosworth head would be ultimate but would've added about 7 to 8K to my build cost. In standard form the YB head doesn't flow that great so porting, bigger valves, better cams etc. The factory brake booster would have to be deleted and bias pedal box installed with remote reserviors etc. The aluminum YB heads are also known for going soft and cost about 3k to harden if a suss one was purchased. The going rate for a standard used YB head in GC is about 3k. I was also keen for a challenge to do something different and it's been a whole lot of fun since having it on the road. PB at the drags is 12.7 114mph so hopefully can get a high 11 with another 40hp. Thanks
  6. Boosted Esky

    Thanks very much Leroy. The engine is fairly well built. ARP bolts throughout, Cosworth YB steel rods and YB pistons. Cometic MLS head gasket. Sounds like I should wind it up
  7. Hi , first time post here. I have a 2.0L 8 valve SOHC motor (pinto) on E85 with 630cc injectors GT2860RS 0.86 turbo External WG (flapper welded shut) Haltech ps1000 making 301whp at 5800rpm 20psi. Power bug has bitten and I'm chasing another 40whp to hopefully crack into 11sec 1/4 mile. Because my hotside is custom it will be costly to change to T3 manifold and Vband dump etc so I've looked at the GTX gen2. It's rated at 475 crank hp, 115hp higher than the GT version. The only difference between the two is the billet compressor wheel and cover and the shaft speeds on compressor map are 35,000rpm higher. Is it foolish to think this could make 340whp? I'm trying to decide on this or GT30 , if the GTX2860R GEN2 can do it I'll stick with it. If anyone can vouch for this turbo making those numbers please chime in . Thanks