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  1. Thnx for the reply mate. I have a R33 GTR diff which is a R200. I need to change diff gears to 3.23 instead of 4.1. I was hoping to swap the gears from a Z32 NA Auto which has 3.2.
  2. Just want to know if the diff gears in a R200 are interchangeable? I want to put 3.3 gears in a gtr 33 diff ( need to run these gears to suit my application)
  3. Im new here, wondering if anyone could help share some info... I started a barra swap into a R33 GTST, bought RB factory mounts but it doesnt sit where it suppose to sit,.. Also want to know what did you guys do with fabbing up a exhuast - tunnel bash? I need to run a 4 inch dump.. I know a few barra swaps have been done in R33 but they are all drift cars.. would be running a BW sx369 turbo for my built barra... also would be the first one to run a ZF. any info or pics would be great.. Thnx
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