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  1. Lol stock RB26 is probably less reliable and more $$$ to get more power out of than RB25 (even with single turbo). I reckon get your current motor checked out, or replace it (depending on engine prices/shipping for you) Yea after thinking and looking at all the prices I’m going to just get another rb25 engine, and just build the current engine stronger
  2. I was hoping to achieve 400-500whp easier and be more reliable at the same time
  3. I have 95 s14 with a series 2 rb25detCar is not running right and have spent lots of money trying to diagnose it and the compression number for cylinder 6 is more 10% different than others, so was gonna either buy another rb25 or swap a rb26 in it.I will already have the rb25 trans, what else would I needNew wiring specialties harness?Can I use my top mount exhaust manifold with adapter plate?Will the engine mounts be the same?Will the driveshaft be the same? If I can use a lot of the same parts I will rather get the stronger engine and safe the long term hassle of pushing higher hp numbers..Thanks in advance for any input!List of mods on car now
  4. Hey I have a 95 s14 Rb25det with a rs Enthalpy tuned 300zx ecu with wiring specialties harness, my car is having a maf problem, here is a video of what is currently doing. Any input will help Thank you Brandan 56D307D3-CF20-44D5-AAC9-8CC824993505.MOV
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