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  1. Update guys got the car back Stock injectors were max out. Gonna bring it back in for injectors, fuel pump cam gear n cams and let’s crack 300+
  2. Only reason I don’t want to go single is want the car to have the factory look. And just incase in the future I want to sell it don’t want it to lose value since it’s a v spec. Andrew from motive DVD got 383kw with the -7 turbos. So so I’ll be going with them 383kw is plenty for a weekend car.
  3. Hey fam :)) Just brought my r32 v spec 6months ago, done compression test it was all good n healthy. test drive it seems like a nugget boost gauge only showing the needle just under 7+psi and stock gtr are a nugget lol slow n boring so didn’t think anything of it. Coz before I brought this drove another v spec and it was same thing slow so I thought the boost was just turn down so I took it to my mechanic for a tune so turn it up getting bad news it’s not making boost over 8psi so his stripping and see what’s the problems i wanna go single but I don’t want crazy power so don’t seems no point and I want the car to still have the factory look so gonna go with twins but not sure what I want was having dash 5s in mind I’ll b happy with 300kw so wanna see what u guys have out with twins n what power it’s making thanks a lot in advance
  4. Yeah I have the pink compliance sticker inside my door frame area
  5. Hey guys wanna see what u guys have to say out there I’m a bit worried. Brought my gtr for about 6months now and I just realise that my chassis number isn’t on the silver plate n engrave but my chassis number is actually stamp onto the engine bay just looking at my mates gtr he has the silver plate with the number engraved on it so I’m just getting worried now lol In the picture I circled my mates plate is on his fire wall Where is mine it’s stamp/engraved onto the bay where the coil over is where I circled in Is this something I should b worried about ? Coz last owner how I c it engraved into the engine bay is better not then u can’t change anything
  6. I brought this few months ago from jdm accessories brand new for $290 It’s still in the condition the day I brought it, the screws are still in the sealed bag, still has the production ID number and stuff on the wrap. I added few photos for you guys to check out any discussion or any question feel free to give me a msg on my number 0406717997 thanks guys
  7. Anyone selling the 3 piece n1 side skirt for r32 gtr ? Thanks
  8. I just brought one for $90
  9. Hey guys hope someone on here is selling the Nismo old logo lighter. If anyone selling or knows someone please msg me thanks
  10. Na I’m looking for a gtr one mate thanks
  11. Serious In the pictures I uploaded is the same offset but in 19x10.5 this picture was on the work wheels page and I ask them for the exact specs of the wheels in the picture and that’s what they gave me
  12. Hey guys just want to see what offset people running out there. That has deep dish. Ive never brought wheels before so not really sure with the offset. I own a r32 gtr v spec and I want wheels that has deep lip what I have in mind is the spec is 18x10 -1 R disk (109mm dish) 18x10 -3 O disk (134mm dish) thanks guys
  13. Hi guys I’ve got a r32 gtr v spec, wanting to clean engine bay coz power steering lines all got busted on me coz previous owner didn’t even drive the car. So when I had prob hoses stretch and what not. Anyways so power steering fluids is every where second last owner had oil catch can where the battery is. So there’s all Residue every where in that spot. So just not sure how I should give this engine bay a good clean up. Just worried if I get something wet ovb I’m gonna cover up fuse box and stuff. Just scared of few wires around n in the engine Bay Area if I get that wet. Any suggestions and idea of what product I should use thanks a lot in advance
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