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  1. I brought this few months ago from jdm accessories brand new for $290 It’s still in the condition the day I brought it, the screws are still in the sealed bag, still has the production ID number and stuff on the wrap. I added few photos for you guys to check out any discussion or any question feel free to give me a msg on my number 0406717997 thanks guys
  2. Anyone selling the 3 piece n1 side skirt for r32 gtr ? Thanks
  3. I just brought one for $90
  4. Hey guys hope someone on here is selling the Nismo old logo lighter. If anyone selling or knows someone please msg me thanks
  5. Na I’m looking for a gtr one mate thanks
  6. Serious In the pictures I uploaded is the same offset but in 19x10.5 this picture was on the work wheels page and I ask them for the exact specs of the wheels in the picture and that’s what they gave me
  7. Hey guys just want to see what offset people running out there. That has deep dish. Ive never brought wheels before so not really sure with the offset. I own a r32 gtr v spec and I want wheels that has deep lip what I have in mind is the spec is 18x10 -1 R disk (109mm dish) 18x10 -3 O disk (134mm dish) thanks guys
  8. Hi guys I’ve got a r32 gtr v spec, wanting to clean engine bay coz power steering lines all got busted on me coz previous owner didn’t even drive the car. So when I had prob hoses stretch and what not. Anyways so power steering fluids is every where second last owner had oil catch can where the battery is. So there’s all Residue every where in that spot. So just not sure how I should give this engine bay a good clean up. Just worried if I get something wet ovb I’m gonna cover up fuse box and stuff. Just scared of few wires around n in the engine Bay Area if I get that wet. Any suggestions and idea of what product I should use thanks a lot in advance
  9. Yeah I got apexi power fc but last owner whip all data and hand controller not connected I’ll prob just get controller hooked up check on tomei exhaust and get a tune and cruise around n do what u said get another block on the side and start from scratch
  10. Hey guys I’m stressing out now not sure if i made the wrong decision. I just brought my first ever r32 gtr v spec. Went to have a look at the car was clean inside and out rust free this that I really wanted that car. Compression test 120psi over all 6 cylinder my mechanics friend said get it engine old it’s got wear and tear and shouldn’t be a problem engine could last u another 5 to 10 years who knows. Snyways so I brought the car and now I’m gonna put some power in the engine now not crazy just 300kw-350kw 400 tops now I’m really worried and stressing if my motor is gonna hold or did I f**k up with the purchase and now have to spend a ton of money on rebuilding the bottom end ?
  11. How much boost can the twins handle till something gives ?From a r32 gtr coz car is bone stock has apexi power fc with hand controller. So borin boring to drive it’s full nugget lol I’m gonna make some power soon but just saving up atm but I’m planning just to chuck in cams injectors coil packs and get a tune. Just not not sure if the stock twins can handle it
  12. Hey guys I currently own a r32 gtr v spec I’m planning to make a bit of power nothing over the top like 1000HP im happy with 300-350kw but im stuck I’m not sure if I should go single or do twins. And not sure how the price willl be if I go with single or twins prob twins will cost me a bit more
  13. Mines stock like I mean bone stock from factory. Has all the jap stickers and jap stickers inside the door jams
  14. Awesome 👍😎 i love it man, do u drive it a lot ? I’m trying not to but I just got it so been driving it heaps. But it’s gonna be a weekender now
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