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  1. Hello all, My 89 GTR has a random issue that I can not figure out. Cleaned the AFMs, new coil harness and coils, spark plugs, all connections secure and tight, no check engine light or ECU codes. the car will be running perfectly, then randomly it will hit what I have found to be a common AFM issue. the car will have a 2500rpm rev limit, might stall, bucks/backfires etc when trying to keep it going. can drive it for a minute or more and then its back to normal. the entire time no engine lights or ecu codes. I just redid the internal AFM solder connections, but all seemed very tight and secure. is there anything else I need to check? im ready to but new AFMS if the solder doesnt work but I would like to find a specific list of things to check or replace instead of just guessing. thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for all the input. I have planned to run a separate power feed off a relay to run whatever pump would work. I've always done that before to avoid melting or burning up stock wiring. I'm just so confused as to what the pressure relief valve is designed to do. Maybe keep the pressure from being higher than needed?
  3. As you can see it has some sort of pressure regulator attached to it directly
  4. I have already pulled it out thinking it was bad, and I will be doing a direct relayed power to the new one but I can't actually find a replacement pump that is labeled for thr GTR. I can find expensive nismo or hks pumps but beyond that it's something to do with the pressure regulator on the pump.
  5. Helll all, I am looking to put a better fuel pump in car and well nothing seems to be clear about it. I've asked a few suppliera and they stated the pump has a regulator attached so they do not make one. I have seen a few people use a basic walboro or aem pump without issue but I can not find anything specific. The gtst has the standard drop assembly while the GTR has the lower basket the pump sits in... I've searched here and can't find specific posts for it.. ant and all help is appreciated
  6. Thank you. I'll try that this week. Put a new Nissan relay in yesterday and it's better but still has random non function so o have to click it on and off
  7. Hello all, I have just purchased and driven from Florida my new to me 89 metallic red GTR. It is basically amazing and what I was hoping for from the beginning. So far I have had only two issues. Right out of the gate, the car lot, the pump dies leading to a diagnosis of the fuel pump controller failing, a quick bypass and it's back to normal.. bow I'm looking at a headlight issue.. the switch always sends power but the relay doesn't always click and work. Tomorrow I hope to source a replacement and get into a general inspection and ensure everything is tight, clean and up to date on all the maintenance.
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