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  1. Hey guys just wondering if these cams would fit on a rb25 neo without any head being done or some insight into what the max size cam I can drop in whiteout any head being done
  2. The car was in crash I repaired it had to un hook the fuse box and shit, and when I had it running thr a/t light would flash but no limp mode, 1st to second feels like its shift kitted but other than that no lag or anything the box feels good and strong from what I've been driving
  3. That's the thing though I keep my car in a garage and theres no leaks or anything when i wake up in the morning
  4. I'll take the box in to get it overhauled and serviced too
  5. First time I've seen it I'm first owner in aus, Gonna try cleaning it tonight and give it bit of a stab and see if it comes back in the morning
  6. I dont know man, it doesn't feel oily though?, and the transmission shifts fine no lag or hesitation
  7. Can anyone confirm what the go is here on my auto box not too sure what to think if its serious or not, did touch it and didn't come up as oily
  8. Just wondering how a 17 inch front and 18 inch rear wheel setup would look like on a r34, send over some picture and any other details
  9. Looking for bumper in picture in QM1 white Bumper has to have no scratches scuffs or paint fade, I'm located in geelong so the closer the seller is the better, but dont mind driving to location. Cheers.
  10. Yes I know go turbo, but I'm on my p plates in vic if there's any way of turboing it and hiding the fact that its turboed (as in when the cops try and inspect the car)
  11. I'm just curious as to what extractors are best for my rb25de neo, power gains, responsiveness, and sound.
  12. Cheers mate, considering all things said I think I'll just go wingless as some 34's look absolutely magical without a wing and would suit my car pretty good as I've got the little mines style boot lip on atm.
  13. Would a 33gtr wing look any good or will it even fit the 34 boot lid?
  14. Is there a 326 power wing specifically made to fit a r34 coupe?
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