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  1. That's good to know I thought as much! Thanks dude
  2. I haven't seen any that low in ages! I'm happy with an engine swap anyways [emoji16] and good to know about the box! Thanks dude
  3. Hahahaha it's tempting! Could be worth an import! That's an insane difference though
  4. I thought about going this route but it seems to cost almost double in every situation considering it's about 22k+ for a gtt in NZ and 3.5 for an engine [emoji852]️, but thanks man fuel pump is definitely on the list and I'll make 100% sure about that boost sensor!
  5. Thanks for this guys, Fuel pump and AFM are added to the list! Gearbox will come when this one breaks, sadly cant afford it all at once
  6. Should've mentioned I'll be doing the clutch! Brakes are already bigger than factory too [emoji16] thanks man! Ahh exhaust, how'd I not think of that!
  7. Hey guys, I'm planning on doing an engine swap of an RB25DET Neo into an R34 GT and I just wanted to check I'm on the right track and not missing any parts! The engine I'm looking to buy comes with *Ecu *Complete uncut loom *Coils with inbuilt igniters *turbo and manifold *Complete intake including and injectors *J pipe *Alternator As far as i know all I still need is an intercooler and piping
  8. Thats one pretty series 2! Well might see it if you're ever down welly!
  9. Thanks! And are ya north island @KiwiBoat ? What do ya drive?
  10. Hi all, I've been reading these forums for the last year of having my R34, and it's always seemed to be really helpful and a good community, so thanks for all the help and hopefully I can give some back now! Hopefully a few other NZers to meet up with and whatnot on here too! Have a mad day and speed safely all! Tyler
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