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  1. Nsw defect on a vic rego car, damn autocorrect
  2. It was meant to say new defect on a vic rego car
  3. In the vin he wrote BCR33 but it's ECR33, they only put down 6 of the 9 numbers for my license as well, I will be seeking legal advice on it but curious if anyone else has had this happen to them, wensday next week I have a solicitors appointment, it's still a pretty big screw up on their part though, my wife called vic police and they actually said if I removed the yellow sticker the new defect wouldn't show up on their systems and wouldn't care less, I didn't have my license on me as our friend was in hospital and we were in a rush but when I told him that he didn't even ask me my name, d.o.b, or address
  4. Hello, Not sure if this is posted in the right section but I have been unable to find out anything about my question anywhere and it may seem silly but does anyone know if a defect notice becomes invalid when they don't fill in the correct information. Example: wrong vin number, wrong license number and no engine number It actually states on the form I received that 'where a chassis number used a engine number must be recorded and a section for the engine number under it which was left blank. It's a new defect on a big registered car which has no problems, the cops right from the start were rude, arrogant and aggressive when I questioned anything they said, and yes I called the nsw police and they said they didn't know and had to call back to ask the ticketing officer if it's valid, not that he can actually give a proper awnser on it as he has a conflict of intrest
  5. Does Anyone in the Albury/Wodonga area and surrounds have a scan tool to check if any codes have been thrown on my 96 R33 GTST S2?
  6. I started my car last night to visually check my coil packs due to a surging issue, im glade i did, even at idle i could see the spark jumping out onto the motor, so she is gunna sit until I get my new ones, my general rule of thumb is if 1 is on the way out replace the lot, for example if a shockie needs replacement i do all 4 at once
  7. And yet 217 thousand were sold and r34 less then 13 thousand, numbers speak for them selves, r34 not popular so not very liked
  8. People say the gtst is fat and curvy, look up the deminsions, the r34 gtr is actually wider and heavier then the r33 gtst, takes 5 mins of research to find them for both cars, so really the r34 gtr is the fat one
  9. So you'd take a drag car built to go in a straight line out to drift it or track race it? If so then your crazy
  10. Vws can be a nice drive, but such a pain in the ass to detail correctly
  11. That also brings into what your car is used for as well, different uses have different setups, for example, i wouldnt take a car built to drag race out drifting or track racing
  12. The road wasnt straight, just didnt have any really sharp turns but has a few bends
  13. Yes i know what hicas is meant to do, its a rear steering assist unit designed to help improve handling around turns both at low and high speeds, its more noticeable at high speeds, what you describe is 100% different to what actually happened, all it did for me was improve my control as its designed to do and as i said previously it did not "fight" me for control, those are the facts, all your doing is repeating your view thinking you know everything which obviously you dont, if you did then my r33 should have acted the way you state more so for the fact that it needed an alignment when i done it last night, so it should have been worse for me, each gear change i hit my limiter everytime, from 0 to past 180 on the speedo
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