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  1. My 25det 32 coupe has a bit of a whiney 20det box in it right now and the car will be getting repainted in a couple months so I'm wondering what hassle it is to put in a 25det box while it wont ive getting used. My biggest concern is the speedo cable and what the options are for having everything work. I'm not sure what can be done to make a cable driven speedo work with a gearbox for an electric one. Current gearbox needs the main input shaft bearing replaced and thats all I think. Whether it's best to just do that I'm not sure. Another issue I seem to have is a slight misfire. It's doesn't effect very much but im going to get the plugs out and have a look and clean them and check the gaps too. I'm not sure what the ideal gap should be for them either or whether it could be an issue with the coils. Any help and advice with my issues would help heaps.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I'm in hamilton. Going to a place I think can do some work tomorrow. Speedwell tune and service was recommended by a workmate so I'm trying there.
  3. Yeah that's one of the things that was throwing me off. I didnt expect it to still have the limiter if it was aftermarket. Cheers for the help. I'll find a place to get it done. I'd be so lost without help haha.
  4. I wasnt 100% on if it was nistune or not but indeed it is. I've still never done anything with an ECU but in short am I able to find somewhere who can plug in their laptop and just remove the speed limiter or is there more to it than that.
  5. Might need to expand on that a little for me. I've never done anything with ecus so I dont know what to search up man.
  6. So I've had my r32 coupe for a bit now and I want to get around the 180kph limiter. Originally the car was 25de auto but has been swapped to 25det s2 with 20det manual. It also has a z32 ecu. I've seen that disconnecting the vehicle speed sensor wire (pin 53 if I remember correctly) from the ECU can stop the limiter working (while also interfering with power steering) but this did not seem to work for me as I put in a switch to easily disconnect and reconnect it but it will still stop at 180kph regardless. I am unsure about installing a speed limit defender right now as I havent had time to do any real research into it especially with the mess of wires that goes into the ecu from all the swapped things and stuff. I'm really not to sure what I'm looking at and why it's not doing what it's supposed to so if anyone has some more experience and can help that would be sweet. Cheers guys.
  7. Definitely is man! Just trying to look after it a bit and give it the love others never did haha. Few things need to be done but itll get there in the end
  8. Hello guys n gals I'm Adam. got my first skyline a little bit ago. It's a 1991 r32 gts coupe body with a 25det motor 20det box. Goes damn hard and I love it. Will be here to mostly ask things I dont have a clue about as I am coming to this car with only previously worked on my 1997 corolla with the 20v 4age so yeah. Theres heaps I dont know about and I'll be posting something somewhere soon about removing the speed cut and some other bits and peices for now. Cheers guys. Look forward to talking to all you guys. Few pics to show you my new source of sadness and depression when things dont work out when I try to fix them 😂
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