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  1. Thanks so much thats exactly the answer i needed. Im not running a link so ill do away with it. And yeah those others are just female spades seemingly just grounds so ill do away with those aswell
  2. Wondering if anyone knows what this plug is for under the intake manifold right underneath the forwards most knock sensor. Its the same type of plug as the VCT solenoid but its only got 1 wire going to it. Currently redoing my starter loom and this seemed to not be connected or potentially I broke the wire by mistake. Hopefully someone can let me know if its needed at all. Facebook and quite a few different searches had no results. Also where are these 2 small plugs supposed to go? They seem to be just grounds but they dont have a home to plug into. Car is factory auto but now manual if that helps so i do expect excess plugs and wires
  3. No matter what, whether the car has been running for 30 mins or 5 mins, other than the odd few occasions anything more than about 60 or 70% throttle it will start to lean out on boost, if I slightly let off the afr will drop and it'll start to pull a bit more normally, but at that 50% or less throttle. I know a few people with one but I don't know if I'll be able to get a fuel pressure guage until the lockdown is over
  4. Yep I know, just don't have access to a guage and won't until the lockdown in NZ is over.
  5. Thanks for the comments and sorry for the delay, that small boost leak i mentioned should now be fixed. I'll have a look at the fuel pump and check for any visible wiring issues with it tomrrow when i have a bit of time. Wiring is all standard. I'll do some research and try to find a way to test it unless someone replies with a good method before I get to doing it. Also had a thought could it be the fuel pressure regulator maybe? I'm pretty certain that the afr wideband is working 100% correctly as I can feel with the car when its starting to lean out and when its not.
  6. Heya guys hope everyone is managing to pull through this pretty shit time we're all going through. Sorry for the massive write up in advance just wanted to try to fill in as much info as i can and also log it somewhere i guess. Anyways, so for a long time now I've had a lot of inconsistencies with the performance of my car which I've always had a feeling was it either running rich or lean, so finally got a wideband and installed it ect. At cruising its around 14.5afr, then when I give it some throttle it drops to a rich 12ish, but most of the time as the boost builds up, it starts to lean out (ill normally get right off the throttle as soon as I notice it getting towards 14 as I can feel it lacking in power and it goes upto 15 before I'll let off. Just easing off the throttle the afr drops back down to 13-14 but its still definitely not feeling right as I cant go push more than 1/4 throttle before it'll lean out a bit. Will def keep climbing upto around 16.5afr if i keep it wide open but obviously I don't let it, only once for testing purposes) BUT** 1 in 10 times it will drop to around 11.5 afr and then only go up to 12.5 and stay around that afr once its at full boost while the revs go up. At this point it pulls super well just like it should. I'm really not sure whats causing it to keep going lean but then sometimes be absolutely mint. Car info: S2 25det, r32 currently on about 11psi Chipped Z32 ecu and green sticker afm. 550cc injectors 290lph fuel pump, cut and shut intake, top mount turb, big intercooler, fairly new coils, turbosmart 38mm gate, t-s boost tap. These are the main mods its got, which I don't expect to be cuaing problems. Things I've done so far to troubleshoot are: run ecu codes (code 55 so nothing) change spark plugs and gap to .7mm , check coils and TPS with voltmeter (all were normal and in spec), checked for faulty CAS (not faulty), changed fuel filter changed, changed VCT solenoid (VCT is not working, but I'm not sure if it's because the ECU is not running it or if there is a problem elsewhere there is 12v to the solenoid but haven't checked to see if the ground switchis getting triggered) clean afm, check and clean injectors all were sweet, check for boost leaks (tiny one on a fitting but i really don't think it's bad enough to cause any problems as it was almost barely noticeable.) Most of these were checked before I had the wideband installed ad I didn't know what exactly was causing my lack of power (which is now obviously lack of fuel) Again sorry for this huge writeup of a hopefully stupid easy fix of something I just haven't thought of being the problem yet. I'll make some changes if I remember anything and I'll have to come check in the morning for any replies. Cheers guys.
  7. Just picked up a cut and shut intake that I'm going to be running for a bit before I eventually get a nicer ffp along with fuel rail ect. going in my s2 25det powered r32. So the new intake I've got doesn't have the 2 connections on the most forward part of it for the line that goes to the fuel rail and the pcv valve as pictured. Do these both just need to have a normal vacuum pull from the intake meaning I can just drill a hole and put a fitting in? I cant tell without taking the intake off wether theres anything special about the pcv hose connection and where it actually goes to within the manifold. I'm also thinking this might've been made up to suit a engine with an aftermarket fuel rail maybe? If anyones got an answer that would be mean. Cheers everyone
  8. My 25det 32 coupe has a bit of a whiney 20det box in it right now and the car will be getting repainted in a couple months so I'm wondering what hassle it is to put in a 25det box while it wont ive getting used. My biggest concern is the speedo cable and what the options are for having everything work. I'm not sure what can be done to make a cable driven speedo work with a gearbox for an electric one. Current gearbox needs the main input shaft bearing replaced and thats all I think. Whether it's best to just do that I'm not sure. Another issue I seem to have is a slight misfire. It's doesn't effect very much but im going to get the plugs out and have a look and clean them and check the gaps too. I'm not sure what the ideal gap should be for them either or whether it could be an issue with the coils. Any help and advice with my issues would help heaps.
  9. Sorry for the late reply, I'm in hamilton. Going to a place I think can do some work tomorrow. Speedwell tune and service was recommended by a workmate so I'm trying there.
  10. Yeah that's one of the things that was throwing me off. I didnt expect it to still have the limiter if it was aftermarket. Cheers for the help. I'll find a place to get it done. I'd be so lost without help haha.
  11. I wasnt 100% on if it was nistune or not but indeed it is. I've still never done anything with an ECU but in short am I able to find somewhere who can plug in their laptop and just remove the speed limiter or is there more to it than that.
  12. Might need to expand on that a little for me. I've never done anything with ecus so I dont know what to search up man.
  13. So I've had my r32 coupe for a bit now and I want to get around the 180kph limiter. Originally the car was 25de auto but has been swapped to 25det s2 with 20det manual. It also has a z32 ecu. I've seen that disconnecting the vehicle speed sensor wire (pin 53 if I remember correctly) from the ECU can stop the limiter working (while also interfering with power steering) but this did not seem to work for me as I put in a switch to easily disconnect and reconnect it but it will still stop at 180kph regardless. I am unsure about installing a speed limit defender right now as I havent had time to do any real research into it especially with the mess of wires that goes into the ecu from all the swapped things and stuff. I'm really not to sure what I'm looking at and why it's not doing what it's supposed to so if anyone has some more experience and can help that would be sweet. Cheers guys.
  14. Definitely is man! Just trying to look after it a bit and give it the love others never did haha. Few things need to be done but itll get there in the end
  15. Hello guys n gals I'm Adam. got my first skyline a little bit ago. It's a 1991 r32 gts coupe body with a 25det motor 20det box. Goes damn hard and I love it. Will be here to mostly ask things I dont have a clue about as I am coming to this car with only previously worked on my 1997 corolla with the 20v 4age so yeah. Theres heaps I dont know about and I'll be posting something somewhere soon about removing the speed cut and some other bits and peices for now. Cheers guys. Look forward to talking to all you guys. Few pics to show you my new source of sadness and depression when things dont work out when I try to fix them ?
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