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      You have had some problem With O2 Sensor voltage (2.55 V, should be below 1 V). Mine got same problem. What was result for this issue, please can you tell me?

  1. Thank you. I am 99.9% sure that it is a CAS failure. Now I got the assurance. Can you tell why A / F Ratio goes to the lean at full throtle? Timing drops below or too few gas pressure? Thanks A lot 😀
  2. Hi SAU, My R33 (RB25DET) timing starts fluctuating at idle. Bigger problem IS when boosting, A/F Ratio went very lean! Need help, please....! Here In Finland anyone knows IS It CAS or what? (bc We don't share information) 😜 Stock r33 Inc. HKS airduct 3 " catback exhaust Cusco coilovers Impul strutbar
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