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  1. After a lot of thought and research I've opted for and ECU Master Black. I decided faffing with the LPG will be more trouble that its worth. Plus I discovered a 4 wheel rolling road 4 miles from home, and the dudes an ECU master dealer! I had my eye one their piggy back module for another project anyway, so seems logical to stick to one platform. They have a basemap for turbo'd VQ35DE so should be pretty straight forward to get going Probably wont have it fitted for a month or so, but will report back When I do...
  2. I'd be interested in a brochure or two if your up for posting to the UK, will be a nice touch at the shows
  3. I figured I'd bring this into 2020, rather than start a fresh one. I'm about to buy an aftermarket ECU, and leaning towards the Adaptronic M6000. Mainly due to the modular features. I plan to get it up and running as a piggy back then later down the line buy the large expansion module, and have the ECU control my existing LPG system (currently BRC) Early on in the thread, there's talk of the Adaptronic (previous gen) having a a few limitations with throttle and cam control. I know there's an DBW module you can buy, so assuming that side of this is sorted. Anyone have any idea about cam control with the M6000. Also does anyone have a base-map for the M6000, or other Adaptronic ECU for the VQ25DET?
  4. I filmed an ECU swap the other day, about 5mins in. Hope it helps..
  5. Does this also work for the M35?
  6. I was a bit confused and was hoping you could do as you suggested, I spoke with HG, you can't limit minimum pressure. Going for the RV2 for the time being
  7. A great write up, thanks dude. I always thought it was plug and play with a G35 or Z wheel..
  8. Wow, what a read. Big thanks to all of those that have contributed to the continued development of these things. I see Hypergear have a range of options on their site, and am leaning toward RV3 / RV4 based on current mods and future plans. - Could these be 'detuned' with a boost controller like the Innovate SCG1, while I work on other supporting mods like stand alone and fuel system? Did Intense ever come through with a v2?
  9. Thanks guys, both on my mental to do list as well. Can get full whiteline bush kit and rear ARB fairly easy in the uk
  10. I'm about to take the plunge and upgrade my saggy OEM to a set of BC coilovers from Driftworks (UK) Are there any other essentials I need to do / fit at the same time. It's my daily, and i'm not planning to slam it or go majorly stancey, but will be using it at my local drag race once in a while I can get 4 wheel alignment and corner balance done at work..
  11. Thanks mate, surprised I've never heard of them, but looks like they are in the UK too Will look into Arduino projects as well.. new wheels are quite a long way off but good to know there's a solution(s) out there..
  12. Thanks, I'll have a look at Jaycar. Just to confirm, that's an electronics/gizmos shop? I've not done the actual math, but gaining 2" od would help with ground clearance issues, and arch gap 😂 It would be more to keep the overall kph accurate, I tend to use gps for mph if I need to know the speed I'm traveling
  13. I would like to fit a wheel tire combo with a lager than stock diameter. Is it possible / is there a product out there... that would let you either make and adjustment somewhere in nissan data scan, or intercept and adjust the signal coming from the speed sensor - similar to a kph to mph converter, to compensate for the change of wheel size and not affet your speedo or overall trip km...
  14. I solved my fueling / idle issues. But still unsure if this is how the TB should sound during relearning...
  15. Thanks Bob! Now with added audio... https://youtu.be/TXNaj1P-dXY
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