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  1. The Nicest R33 Ive Seen in a good bit, top job mate keep it up.
  2. Holy shit thats a blast from the past, nice dig up.
  3. LMAO i rate that video mate The Owners manual that came with the car from japan has a Viper security booklet in it, but i dont know if its active or not, and the car its fitted with something where the car wont start unless your push the clutch in. Alarm, dont know either. id read through the viper security booklet but i dont know how to read japanese.
  4. Couldnt find any posts regarding this and didnt know where to put it so here it is, This morning around 2:30 AM i was unwinding trying to sleep because i work in hospitality and our hours are dog shit, anyway i hear a motorbike come down the street (Nothing unusual we have a fair few riders around the area) but then it was stationary for a quite a bit, i could tell because the bike was very loud, so i decided to peek out of the front window and the bike was near my skyline, he put something in his pocket and got back on his bike and went on his way, id thought i might of been able to get away from all the car theives that target skylines in sydney and other cities because i live in a ruralish area but obviously not. Im obviously fearing for the worst because ive just bought it and im still a bit paranoid about it, any thoughts if this is a real potential threat or not. I do have a garage but it is full right now and it wont cleared enough for my car for a good while, i have a backyard which is accessed via 1 drive way which is fenced off and then would be blocked off by another car, have any of you guys encountered something like this, have any tips or good things that i should do to prevent such a thing. Below is a picture of how it usually sits.
  5. TV2, from GTR registry if i read it right mine was 1 of 302 GTV 2 Series model to get Bayside blue as its factory color so yeah definitely happy for this car to pop up as it is, thanks for explaining a bit about GTV's couldnt find much out about them
  6. Theres a guy in newbie Introductions selling his 1998 R34 25-GTT in victoria, and it looks very clean for a pretty decent price, but yeah just depends on what youre looking for, id argue to find a clean r34 thats aged well because skylines are getting old. Good luck with finding a car!
  7. Thanks for the feedback much appreciated, cheers!
  8. I missed some details, It is an Import and it was done up over in Japan (Refer to switches photo) It had neon and interior lighting but Australia didnt like it so it had to be undone when brought over from Japan.
  9. Hey Guys so i finally got my dream car, the first car that i ever took notice of in my life, might get some shit off this but it was when paul walkers skyline poped onto the tv screen and i fell in love with the car, and here i am with my very own. Decided to name it Gigan named after one of the monsters in the Godzilla Universe, was going to go with Ghidorah but the name doesnt fit the number plate if i were to get one from my plates, here are pictures below, hopefully they are not terrible. Front what i was able to find out on the vin plate, the paint is original, this is a 2001 25GT GTV Series 2 (I dont know if the GTV Series 2 means anything) with 119xxx on the clock with an NA Neo Engine, Most of the car is stock, The Exhaust hasnt been touched, Front bumper is after market, Aftermarket Head Unit With Sub in Boot, Aftermarket enclosed box and pod filter, came with the original Maintenance Note, with Japanese manuals and infomation, (Kenwood, mine is jvc head unit, Viper security and a notebook) The guy who i bought it off threw in a Big aftermarket GT wing, short shifting kit, he put about 4 grand into it before he let it go to me, (New heavy duty clutch) He genuinely loved it and now its my job to do the same, any and all feedback would be appriciated. *Questions* Thought id get these out of the way so i dont pollute any other forums with questions done to death so if anyone ventures onto this thread they might be able to help me out* I put the vin through gtr registry and the vin says its turbo at the start then later on it says its not turbo, does this mean its turbo ready or something? Are the S Badges on this car actual skyline badges or are they silvia or aftermarket badges (Refer to steering wheel and the bottom of the engine photo for S badge on the mesh. The left hand side of my boot is more open than the right side and i dont want any moisture in there (Refer to close up boot photo) Any suggestions? Are there any cost efficient styling tips would anyone recommend, i quite like the black on blue look Getting alot of shit for my gutter rashed wheels, would you guys have any recommendations for replacement rims The Enclosed box stuck out to some, under investigation the bottom of it has a hole smaller than the actual air piping to the engine so it doesnt look like its sucking in enough air, any ideas would be appriciated here (Has a pod filter in it) Some engine parts are heat wrapped, i dont know if this is beneficial or not as its supposed to keep heat out but wouldnt that keep heat in? Just a jab, any thoughts
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