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  1. Long shot. Any leads on one of these appreciated
  2. motoring

    Yeah nice all sounds relatively standard. Would only be buying a quality example and can absorb a bit of bad luck, worth a go, will just have to see if I can actually find one.
  3. motoring

    Well just on the lookout for if I would expect many major issues running as stock. It's for a weekender sort of thing but I need to keep it running, can put aside a bit of money for this on top of 'normal' maintenance but I also don't want it constantly holding me hostage. I'd always thought these were reasonably reliable if cared for, but they are getting pretty old now.
  4. motoring

    I'm in the market for an RS260 and hoping you guys could shed some light on general upkeep costs just to make sure I haven't made some crazy underestimation. No track work or anything for me, just driving around normally. Wasn't expecting major issues but sounds like everybody on here is blowing their engines, are you guys doing this on purpose?
  5. motoring

    I transitioned to this way back just to be left alone, so far so good the public still doesn't really seem to care about anybody building and 'hooning' fourbys, although it's sort of starting. Anyway it's all the same thing, overengineer a vehicle to tackle the tracks half a dozen times a year and enjoy every increment of improvement.
  6. Been about a decade since i sold my beloved s15. At the time i couldn't drive anywhere without the coppers harassing me, it was lightly modded but overall basically legal, they probably expected to find more but once I was pulled over a fine would be issued for one thing or another. In the end I gave up. Is it any better these days? Possible to enjoy sitting in traffic in a comfortable, safe, quality japanese golden era vehicle without fear of being pulled over for a roadside inspection? Also interested in whether these are still major targets for theft? Will I relive the nightmare?