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  1. Hey all I'm wrecking an R33 GTST S1 - breaking entire car including panels: Gearbox sold tailshaft sold Motor - Unknown Condition - $1800 neg Turbo brake kit including hubs: $550 Boot lid: $50 Bonnet: $50 S1 Diff - $400 Rent of nearly entire car - enquire within. Stock airbox Pink label AFM Also selling: 1 x 28 spline NA tailshaft 1 x R34 NA Tailshaft 1 x R34 NA Block - empty 2 x Bride Rails - R34 GTT rails
  2. WTB near Wollongong: S1 R33 GTR Rims S1 R33 GTR steering wheel in decent condition
  3. Hey fellas I have this wheel in my 33 GTR VSpec - It's trim is gross and worn - I think it's the stock GTR S1 wheel - Any ideas on what I can do with it? To my understanding my airbag controls are in the wheel so I can't just replace it with an S2 wheel, I need one of these. Can anyone confirm? And has anyone reupholstered theirs successfully? I'm decently handy so I'm willing to give it a go but interested to hear how others did it.
  4. Didn't last long as it was. New clutch - modified the exhaust - new wheel nuts (titanium) - and a steering wheel cover for that yuck wheel.
  5. I did some looking around and couldn't find anything terribly recent on decent replacement clutches for the R33 gtr. Mine is slipping on boost - stock but running 12psi. Being new to the GTR world, I found this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-XTREME-H-Duty-Clutch-kit-KNI25003-1A-FOR-NISSAN-SKYLINE-GTR-R32-R33-R34-/361858322886 Am I better off looking for a particular set up with the stockish GTR or ebay spec will do?
  6. Hi all! Today after 6 GTST/GTTs it's time I enter the big boy club. I'm starting off with this S1 vspec. Are there many GTR owners around Wollongong? Has anyone seen this car around before me?
  7. Ask and you shall receive ❤️
  8. Howdy everyone. Not exactly new to SAU or the Nissan scene but after attending a SAU meet I figure I should introduce myself. Current car list: (All were manual) 2010 Nissan 370Z - Tuned - Red with big body kit. 1995 R33 GTST beginner drift missile (onto third drift event) - Maroon - Regular mods - Power fc, turbo back, suspected high flow turbo, turbosmart street, front mount. 1994 R33 GTST - Midnight Purple - Stock minus a front mount. Previously owned in the past two years: 2000 R34 GTT Sedan - tuned by DVS - 240kw - HKS turbo, exhaust, front mount, Eboost 2, GTR widebody kit - blaaaaaack - Adaptronic ECU. 2001 R34 GTT Coupe - 210kw - Nistuned - rims - exhaust - boost tee- - cleanest 34 I've ever seen. 1994 R33 GTST utter nugget spec - was skidded like no tomorrow - where I had a lot of my beginner skyline experience. Made 10psi and was fun for a while. Owed a few Supras and XR6Ts but I'm a Nissan boy now it seems. Feel free to ask questions
  9. Ended up being the wire to the dash - ran one manually and we were good to go.
  10. Title says it all - Third gear has left the building so I'm binning my wrecked box for a second hander. Pics for attention
  11. As stated in original, speed was working with manual conversion before hand. Only since removing old motor and putting in GTT motor has issue occurred. Aftermarket ECU is installed now as well so diags won't help.
  12. Howdy fellas. I have an issue: TL;DR - 34 GT - Turbo & manual converted (Speedo was working) - Installed 34 GTT motor and loom - Replace ECU & Tuned - Now no speedo. Checked wires from sender & reversed. Checked fuses in drivers footwell (trip metre fuse in drivers footwell). Only other change was the *Anti Skid Control* box has been removed. Send help please: Unsure of where to go next. Long story - Bought car, already manual converted. Replaced motor with GTT motor and motor loom (loom all the way to ECU plug). The plugs didn’t match the Anti skid control so I’ve ordered one from a GTT but I don’t think that will fix it. I investigated the speed sender and signal seems good. Unsure of where to go next. Update** Now suspect maybe gearbox loom or earth isn’t quite right? Maybe it came look/dislodged in removing the motor? I have trawled the hell out of Skyline Owners and SAU before someone links an article there.
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