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    I have an R34 and an E39 M5 and a new R34 on the way.. so i have my hands ful

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  1. Hello Has anyone got a drift blade R34 GTR style seat for sale? or are local to JDMgarage in Queensland? as they have one I need it shipping to me In the U.K. Urgently Thanks
  2. Hello Has any one got a spare Drift Blade or East Bear R34 GTR seat available? I'm only after 1 seat, no rails, and condition of the seat fabric is not important as long as i can retrim it and the structure is A1, no collapsed bolsters or anything. Thanks Jamie
  3. Update************ I only need R34 GTR side skirts now, oem pair.. without front parts. Just the long pieces needed Will cover shipping Someone must have a pair somewhere Let me know
  4. Thanks for that info. Obviously I want the rear to be as strong as can be so is the R33 GTR diff and shafts not the only things needed to upgrade the rear to a GTR 4.1 diff? If these 3x2 shafts I have aren’t very strong for big power then I will change them if that’s the case is it a case of them having the car in the air and seeing what I have, then they’ll know what parts il need, to use a GTR diff
  5. Yeah it’s not easy to research when the cars in having the engine put in il ask them to check what is R33 GTR, Stagea and R34 so I have s better idea
  6. Iv heard of Quaiffe but don't know much about them. I take it they specialize in Helical diff's. I was going to leave the front diff stock to begin with anyway whether its 4.1 or 4.3, but the Rear i was going to upgrade 100% Il have a look at the Quaiffes and have a read up
  7. I have Cusco diffs in mine. They're tight as anything. 1 way in the front and 1.5 in the back. They seem to do the job well. Okay thanks, so for say the front diff, i can order an R33 GTR front diff and itll go in my 4.1 from the NEO Turbo 4wd engine or do i need to go for a stagea front 4wd diff fitment? Rear isn't a problem as iv seen many options for that Its the front that seems confusing. The engine i'm buying is just down as an RB25DET Neo 4wd.. doesn't say if its from an R34 or Stagea.. I take it both diffs for the front are the same for them, just not sure if the GTR front diff internals will go in there
  8. I have about 4 months to decide so il consider the 4.1 If I go 4.1, Which would be the best diff to go for from the GTR’s? An R33?
  9. I have a lot to do before I decide what ratio but I might try 4.3 first, If i’m not happy I will just change to 4.1 There’s always stock for a GTR diff and rear shafts so il be fine if I need to get hold of them
  10. Arr i see, sorry thought you were 4wd.. slightly lost track of who has what in these comments. Do you have the normal Kaaz or the WPC treated super Q in yours? And yeah tyre's do help, the super Q transformed my GTT. I have 295 35 18 PS2's on the rear which are good but i think there's still room for improvement with the supersports or the PS4S if i could get hold of them sizes.. there supposed to be mega sticky even in crap conditions. Yeah the 4wd is the only reason iv bought this car so i can put the power down much better and use it more My GTT isn't worth taking out unless its a dry sunny day and the roads are better.. too much rain and greasy roads because of buses, so if it gets moist.. full boost is pointless on rwd My M5 has a great mech LSD diff in it and they bring the torque in later so they let you put some power down before all hell brakes lose.
  11. Yeah sounds great, thanks for the heads up. I'm looking forward to the 4.3 as when i typed it online, it seems a fair few people have tried to convert 4.1 to 4.3 so must be for good reason. My car will never see a track anyway, i strictly drive road only and the odd beating on a dual or motorway but nothing serious. Traction will be because your running the stock 1 wheel spinning diff still aren't you? If i put the super Q 1.5 way in the back, being 4wd it should grip better than a stock GTR shouldn't it? Thanks
  12. Yeah sounds like we will mate. Thanks and yes will update on the progress with the car, still tracking parts down atm I do like the E60 and E61 M5 touring are always lovely to see but over here we have so many that are unreliable and breaking all the time, from rod bearing failure, bottom end knocking and vanos lines coming off causing lots of issues and the gearbox having issues also, So i wasn't brave enough to buy one. Always been a manual gearbox guy tbh and fell in love with the E39 M5 at an early age so i think its the right one for me. Do you get the manual gearbox E6x M5 over there like america or not? Best regards
  13. Is the exhaust R33 or R34 GTR? Think its possible to fit the Tomei Ti but just mod the end where it connects to the custom downpipe? Thanks
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