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  1. Done the idle relearn and nothing changed at all 😪 cleaned the throttle body aswell going to check all the spark plugs next, and will replace fuel pump this week to cross that off the list 👍
  2. Thanks 🙏 ill see what i can cross of the list before taking it in, appreciate it 👍
  3. Well im just seeing if anyone has some advise for anything i can check to cross off the list, trying to avoid the mechanics but if its too hard to pinpoint ill take it in. Ive looked through alot of threads and havent seen anything with the same symptoms as mine. I know it might be annoying to tell people the same shit but if anyone has anything i can try i would appreciate the advice 👍
  4. When it first ran bad it threw two codes for the vvt solenoids we cleared it and it came back straight away i bought new ones and codes are gone speaking with a couple of my mates they sugested a couple of things that it could be a mechanic friend said it sounded like a blocked exhaust but we unbolted it and didnt change anything also low oil pressure was suggested we checked it last week and pressure seemed normal except it would rise and drop with the revs when it was about to die. Then it was brought up that it might be starving for fuel and without trying to rig up the oil pressure guage to the fuel line i cant tell if it is, so i was turning to the forum i get most of my answers from for advise 😅👍 and i havent cleaned out throttle body yet
  5. Hey guys just wondering if anybody has had a low fuel pressure problem? My v35 was sitting for a couple of months waiting for a new clutch after it was all installed i cranked it over and it started fine but instantly started idling rough revd do op to 500 and almost stalls, there is little to no throttle response and will stall if you dont pump the accelerater to try get the revs up? Has anyone had any similar issues?
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