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  1. hi! did some tuning on the nissan last weekend,we had big problem with traction on the rollers,but managed a ok pull with much snowgrip on the tyres and 2 big guys in the trunk! this pull is with the efr7670 1.05 on 98 petrol with 22psi boost falling to 20 psi at top! IMG_0718.MOV Fredrik_Bensin98_final (1).pdf
  2. ok!here is a result from a efr7670 0.92ar on a stock rb26dett with 6boost manifold! i dont know how much boost...
  3. Hi😊 someone know around what rmp i gonna see full boost on my rb25det neo with the bw efr7670 1.05ar ? i have seen some results from the rb26dett engines.. but they do not have vct like the neo and i also have adjustable camgear on exhaust cam i can advance! will boost around 25-27 psi on max..
  4. the intake manifold is greddy!and the fuelrail is from a rb25det s1 that was in the car before. so i did move that over on the neo engine and put on bigger injectors from 740cc to the new 1200cc ,going to run e85 on this
  5. also i forgot to mention,the engine is stock bottom end😊
  6. the turbo is a efr7670😊 the engine is a rb25det neo with new bearings,gaskets,arp headstuds,new water /oilpump ,head drain,crank collar and bigger sump to be more reliable. exhaust manifold is a old hks twinscroll i think and hks wastegate, it also have a emu ecu with flexfuel sensor and 1200cc sidefeed injectors
  7. Been waiting for this! need too fabricate a new downpipe and some boost pipes😊 hope this turbo will spool fast!
  8. thanks pranK! i have owned the car since may 2015,when i bought it it had a stock block rb25det s1 in it,with a old school turbonetics turbo. i put on a emu ecu and a new comp turbo an tuned it to 492hp on the hubs in a dynapack on 98 octane fuel,engine have worked perfect on that tune for 3 years,but now i want more horsepower and have swapped in a rb25det neo engine😊 sorry dont have many pictures of the car,but will take more pictures in the future👍 here is 3 more of the car..
  9. hi!i am fredrik from norway! i have a 240sx s14 with a rb25det neo engine. this autumn i have freshened up the engine with:new bearings,oilpump,waterpump,arp headstuds,crank collar,bigger sump and rear head drain! hope it will handle a bit of power,soon i will install a borg warner efr7670 and crank the boost up😎
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