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  1. 1992 R32 GTR HKS GT-LC low mount twins (Unknown specs. Would love more info on these but can't find it!!!) Haltech PNP on stock MAP sensor Stock Intake Stock Dump Pipes, Blitz Front Pipe, 3" Test Pipe, Fujitsubo 3" Catback DYNO GRAPH (Red Line: 408HP, 356 lbft; 16-18psi, 91 octane) [Blue line is Jap tuned ECU on 101 octane] Next Steps (advice welcomed): Greddy MAFless pod filter and pipe intake kit HKS Cam Gears Tomei turbo outlet pipes ID1050x injectors External MAP sensor Walboro 450 fuel pump and rewire Greddy 12 row Oil cooler and Filter Relo HKS SSQV BOV kit Twin Plate Clutch (Nismo Super coppermix or alternative) ARP head studs Metal head gasket Possibly E85 Shooting for 550hp before i run out of puff from the snails.
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