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    Drift, Burnouts, builds, dreaming of random engine swaps, tip ins, going sideways, the smell of burnt tires, saying "sorry officer my clutch slipped", love a good skid pig as well as the fully worked projects. Cars in general and fast things that go sideways excite me.

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  1. Sorry, bet you to it. Haha. Yeah I'm happy with that
  2. Oh yeah they are in great condition and haven't even gave them polish yet. Will make a nice touch when I sell her.
  3. Yes as soon as I looked closer, I tried to tell my boyfriend their just stickers, he wasn't having a bar of it. So I stalked google asked some pros and now he believes me. The only rays nismo wheels are the lmgt line for GT-RS. While they had the same kind of similar look with the bolts ect I knew they weren't it and it wasn't hard to tell the rays engineering part was legit, I eventually found them. Took a whole day still though to prove my point lol.
  4. Selling my 1995 R33 RB25det Nissan Skyline. Virgin, has not been touched or fiddled with. Completely stock. 5 speed Manual coupe with sunroof, interior in good condition, the seats are almost immaculate. Fresh 6 months rego, body has a few minor dents and scratches and orginial paint work is old and worn in some areas. 230,000ks. Decent tyres, with vintage 17inch genuine Alloy Rays Engineering Volk Racing AV3s (no center caps though) which you can't buy anymore. Runs excellent, no faults what so ever. Would love to build it myself but the times come I need to sell, I'm not in a hurry though. All electronics inside work perfect. If you want more information just comment. Great starting point. I do have more photos for genuine interest.
  5. I'm from Tasmania, and I have a full set of genuine Star Corp Impuls to sell. The rear rims are deep-dish, and in alright condition. Both front rims have a a lot of damaged but maybe able to repair them. No tyres, the tyres are shagged. I'm asking $200 for the set plus pay postage and handling , if they sold to the right person may be able to fix them up (maybe) and out decent tyres on them and sell them for a good price. Don't mind them sitting in my backyard for the moment, but you never know who might need the rear deep dish rims to add to the fronts as I know these are hard to come by. Shoot me a message if you want them. If you don't, pass the message on to someone who might. The tears are pictured together with the tyres somewhat remaining, and both front rims are separate. Came off my R33 GTST ECR33.
  6. If anyone wants these, just ask. $200 tyres are no good, two front rims are free as their chipped and need repairing before use. I pulled off one set of vintage tyres and ended up with more, think I've done OK there lol.
  7. My partner is saying somewhere on the back of the rim it says nismo but until I take one off to look, the wheels have all the exact same markings and design of the Rays Volks racing av3 alloy wheels, just without center caps as now I've found the av3s are discontinued and hard to come by. I paid $400 for the ones I have on now lol so no thank you, however I do have a set of starcorp 18inch Impuls. All the tyres are shagged, both rear rims are in good nick except one has scratches. Both front rims are free because they need repairing but you can't buy them anymore, so if you like vintage Shit and starcorp stuff it's alright haha, $200 for those and I'll post no worries. Lol.
  8. I can't post a picture of the backs at the moment as their already on my car. My last rims were starcorps, and the front ones were wrecked and I picked up a full set of these rims for $400 so I smacked them all on asap so I could go for a drive, I was a bit keen. I went out though and because only two of the rims had the nismo logo on them I was suss, and yep the nismo logo is in fact a sticker. However all the bolts ect say Rays. So I'd say their defiently the volks racing AV3S & the only wheel I can really find that's genuine nismo with a similar design is the LMGT range, I still got the rims cheap I suppose with decent tyres bit shattered now though the excitements worn off and I've over looked them, lol. The volks racing centre caps have just been removed however the AV3S seem to have "volks racing" written on the side as pictured above, the ones I have don't as I've looked at the wheels without stickers. The only markings I can see from the front is what looks like the star sign Virgo M (best way to explain it) and "via" written just before it. I'd say their definitely genuine rays though. Hmm. I'm just putting it all together to sell it so I wanted to make sure I know everything that's on it to negotiate a fair price and if I can't find the right wheels online to look at rough second hand prices I'll never know. But I'm sticking with their Volks Racing av3 rims.
  9. after researching I found they look a lot like the Volk AV3 rays racing rims the only thing that's missing is the "vr" logo in the middle. I've added both a picture of the volks racing wheel and the rim that I have. It's almost like the middle parts been taken out and the nismo logo has been placed there. Thoughts?
  10. Sorry I'm no help but I have a similar question. I'm having trouble finding out if my rims are genuine Nismo rims. They are engraved "RAYSENG" on the back, however I can't find any nismo wheels that match however after researching I found they look a lot like the Volk AV3 rays racing rims the only thing that's missing is the "vr" logo in the middle. I've added both a picture of the volks racing wheel and the rim that I have. It's almost like the middle parts been taken out and the nismo logo has been placed there. Thoughts?
  11. I scored these 17inch Nismo rims for my 33 and was wondering how much they might be worth as I can't find them anywhere online as their most likely old school, but they say Rays Eng on the back (rays engineering) I've found the lmgt wheels look a lot like them but they don't have the groove design mine have.
  12. Thank you! I'm defiently ready to be broke for the next millennium but it'll be well worth it. The hard part is waiting until you have enough money for the parts!
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