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    Drift, Burnouts, builds, dreaming of random engine swaps, tip ins, going sideways, the smell of burnt tires, saying "sorry officer my clutch slipped", love a good skid pig as well as the fully worked projects. Cars in general and fast things that go sideways excite me.

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  1. Nikkirosee

    Thank you! I'm defiently ready to be broke for the next millennium but it'll be well worth it. The hard part is waiting until you have enough money for the parts!
  2. Nikkirosee

    Alright, after some more research and looking up the VIN and import numbers I discovered it is in fact an E-ECR33 RB25DET GTS25T type M series 1.5 if I've stated that correctly. Lol.
  3. Nikkirosee

    Well that explains why no matter how much I researched I kept getting confused! Thank you. Now I know exactly what I have. Yes, I really like the body shape! I never thought I'd own a 33 as I was a pretty big fan of the 32's and their shape after owning an R32 GT-R but I've grown to love the 33 now. Thank you for your advice. You've done really well with yours, I can't wait to tidy up mine some more. Defiently on color I reckon I'll go. Midnight purple with a black carbon fiber bonnet and sit it on white rims but have a long way to go before I get there.
  4. Nikkirosee

    Oh wow, can't wait to see how this comes along. So lucky!
  5. Nikkirosee

    I'm not interested in selling, it's my project! but just wondering what people would value it and what people think! and I might tell you what I did pay for it! The basic details are here anyway, 1995 R33 RB25DET type M series 2 (pretty sure it has a series 1 front end but has the ceramic turbo, and everything a series 2 has) Manual, coupe 230ks, factory sunroof, basically fully stock standard mechanically & inside and out, paintwork is rough in some places, interior is great. Please correct me If I'm wrong anywhere. There's lots I'm planning on doing and cleaning up I have to do, and I can't wait to get started. So let me know what you think, and where you would start if it were yours
  6. Nikkirosee

    Recently a new owner of my beloved skyline! Here are the details, I'm pretty stocked and can't wait to start my dream project. I know a little but not a lot hence why I've joined this to gain more knowledge! I have a 1995 R33 RB25DET series 2 (ecr33 gts25t) type m. f**k all ks on the clock Manual, fully stock standard, 2 door coupe and I found one with a sunroof! (I thought it was a cool plus, don't see many of those as they were an option). She runs awesome but needs some work and I just wanted to know some of the following: Best oil to use in the gear box Where to find decent rims and tires (I wanna know where to get chuck ons too, for naughty purposes) What plugs and leads should I use Thoughts on the Exidy clutches, and what one would you recommend? Coil overs - what's your fave?? I'm thinking Tein Also, it's the stock silver color but I'm getting it repainted, thinking gun metal grey or a similar purple to the midnight purple, or keep it stock colour opinions? Currently running 6psi and I want to to run 10psi of that helps also with the questions. Chat away - correct my stuff ups, let's talk projects! (I've attached a photo) let me know what you think, I'm pretty sure it has a series 1 front end but comments on what I can do with the body would be sick too Help a chick out, bless.