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  1. Hi All, I'm not exactly new to skyline ownership (x2 R32 GTST's x3 R33 GTST's X1 R32 GTR), however I've been away skyline ownership coming close to 7 years now.....the joys of getting married and having kids etc,however, I'm finally looking to get back into it. The problem is since I've been away the price of GTR's have trippled in some cases so sadly they are out of reach for me (wish I kept my GTR!) and although RWD can be fun I much prefer 4WD. After looking online I noticed many owners were adopting the R34 GT-Four coupe as a base case since this has the 4wd drivetrain... I'm not sure how rare/common these are Australia, however I'm from the UK and have only come across one so I figured you Guys and Gals would be in a better position to help fill in the gaps in terms of knowledge so exuse me for 'dumb questions' which will now follow. 1) Does the GT-four use the same 4wd system as the R34 GTR?... I've read somewhere it doesn't and in terms its ability it is very 'basic'.... is this true? 2) Does the GT-four use the same suspension setup as the R34 GTR?... I've read reports the fronts are the same, however the rears is a GTT setup rather than GTR? 3) Does the GT-four come with LSD?...or was this a factory option?...what Diffs from other skylines 'bolt in'? 4) Does the GT-four in Manual form use the same gearbox as the R32/R33 GTR?.. unlike the R34 GTR I understand it has a 5 speed box 5) I would like to built an RB30 to drop it over time, however, I have seen various posts on here of people running a low boost RB25DE+T Neo using stock parts i.e injectors,AFM, ECU Etc.Have people managed to run this setup on a factory R34 GTT ECU at say 7 psi reliably? I understand the ideal choice would be to run something like a nistune, however I was just curious for a low boost setup. 6) anything else thatsworth knowing? Thank you in advance
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