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  1. Don’t have the scanner in order to test it. Worth getting one?
  2. so when i give my ‘05 V35 a lot of throttle in first gear the revs begin to ‘bounce’ above 4K rpm. they will get past 4k then continue to climb then drop a grand then climb again then drop again etc etc. it only happens in first and above 4k with a lot of throttle. i’m thinking poor fuel supply? any ideas?
  3. i have actually done that already and can’t figure it out. again just asking anyone who’s had the same problem
  4. yeah i was just wondering if anyone’s had the same problem because everything was working before that final piece and it’s rlly annoyed me
  5. so i’ve just replaced my drivers side window motor. i had pulled the door apart and put everything back together except the door card/trim with no problems. the motor was working top notch and it was smooth with no odd noises coming from it as soon as i put the door card/trim on it made this loud clicking noise every time it goes up and down now there’s a big scratch on my window any ideas why this happened before i pull it apart again
  6. A new coat of paint would fix. It’s got scratches and massive lines of paint missing where the mudguards use to be but nothing the paint won’t cure. I can also sell u the mudguards as well which are in similar condition
  7. I’ve got a white bumper off of an ‘06. Pretty shoddy condition so I can give it to you for cheap
  8. Looking to buy a genuine set of Work Varianza T1S 20x9.5 + 10 - A Disk 20x10.5 + 0 - O Disk If anyone knows of anyone that owns these (even if not for sale) please put me in contact Thank you
  9. I’ve read a lot on various forums about the 03/04 models having transmission failure and 05/06 6MT’s have excessive oil consumption. If possible I want to go with the earlier models to save my money but I was wondering how common the transmission problems are and whether buying a facelifted model is actually justified seeing as it’s not without its faults
  10. Just wondering what is a reasonable price to pay for a CPV35 and CPV36. Both manual coupes with around 90,000kms
  11. Looking for an 05/06 CPV35 WILL PAY IN CASH Requirements - White/Black - Relatively Low KM’s - NO MODIFICATIONS (Except For Aftermarket Wheels) - Manual I may consider modified cars but will be very fussy WILL PAY MORE FOR BLACK + LSD
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