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  1. Need new wiper blades, super cheap don’t stock them and NCM said it’ll be 4-6 weeks to order them in. What alternatives do i have
  2. gearbox oil was done at the last 120 000 km service. shld it still be done
  3. What does the 130 000 km service for these cars usually entail. I will be doing engine oil and filter and will be checking the other fluids and brake pads. Is there anything else that needs doing and are any of the fluids mandatory changes even if levels are still good
  4. thank you but i’m after the OEM optional sport bumper
  5. Is there any way i can source these bumpers new, if not has anyone got one for sale. Must be in great condition
  6. had accidentally hit the lock button for the windows when i did the drivers side. didn’t think to check it before i moved on. yeah stupid i know
  7. Ive replaced the window motor on the passenger side door but it is still not going up or down from either of the switches. it drops a little bit when i open the door as it is supposed to but won’t go down when i press the button. any advice appreciated
  8. if the speaker is still going just a lot quieter than the other side, has it got to be the wire?
  9. I’ve got no clue how any of this works mate, i just assumed there’d be a fuse for it. Any advice on troubleshooting
  10. Was driving normally last night and my drivers side speaker just stopped working. Unsure of which fuse controls this or if it could be something else entirely. Any help is appreciated.
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