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  1. Hey there So atm I'm interested in a R34 that been listed for sale at sorta reasonable price. Only issue is that it was originally an NA and has had an RB25 series 1 from a 33 put in. The gearboxes is what I'm abit worried about though. I'm aware that the r33 and the r34 turbo gearboxes are similar. But what Im wondering is how much Horsepower can a 34 NA handle? How can you tell the difference between the NA and the turbo gearbox? And anything else to worry about you can think of
  2. I found a place that will remake a vin plate for 80$
  3. dont they only have one vin. Im talking about the blue plate on the driver side of the engine bay
  4. Im looking at buying an ER34 from auction but only issue is the Vin Plate is missing, done my research and the car checks out fine from what i can find. I've got all the codes i need but does anyone know where i could get a new one from. Only reason I'm chasing after this particular car is because for the value im expecting to get it for because of these and the car itself is quite nice. Just need a new Blue Vin Plate. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, so im looking at this r34 that has a pop up display, the display doesnt work anymore and im not a fan of them so i want to change it to the the factory 3 gauges. what i was wondering is how difficult is it to change, like is there a wiring loom already there, that can be used, will i easily be able to change it over (does it involve cutting). does anyone know the process of changing them. Cannot find with the pin outlet diagram on the display
  6. Sorry just to clarify, what exactly did you do with the wires? I'm thinking of doing a conversion
  7. You can try 101 motorsport they are a good workshop in Brisbane, they do work on alot of skyline., they are in Moss Street
  8. Yeah but it doesnt have the brochure, like in the link i posted. Scroll to the bottom of the link i posted and you will see the Street and Race Parts brochure (the pictures at the bottom of the site) Yours has nothing like that
  9. Yeah but can't seem to find the ones for NON-GT-R models
  10. Hey guys I'm looking for all the Dealership / Factory add-ons you could get for R34's. I can only seem to find for GT-R but looking for the GT-T model, usually its a Brochure / Catalogue. Below is the GT-R Version (Right at the bottom of the page) http://gtr-registry.com/en-bnr34-vin-table.php#OptionCodeStatistics I'm aware that you can get the Black Dash Cluster and gauges but wanna see what else is out there. Thanks
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