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  1. Hi Steve (Rusty Nuts) and other members, Skyline RB25DE Non Turbo I am coming back to this thread. After removing the head I found that some of the valves are not seating. I gave it to a head repairer and he fixed this and set the valve clearance. I have doubt whether his valve clearance is as per spec. I bought an electronic repair manual unfortunately it tells only about hydraulic tappets whereas my ones are shims. I would highly appreciate if you give me the valve clearance specs and also Head bolt torques. I am going to use permaseal brand new head bolts. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks everybody for the answers. Thanks to Steve for the great information.
  3. Hi members Happy New Year My skyline has no power. It's a straight line 6 cylinders non turbo engine. The first 5 cylinders have low compression. The fifth one is just 10 psi. The sixth one is ok. No slippage of the timing belt. I have removed all necessary bolts to remove the head except 3 allen type bolts on the engine head. The allen bolt heads seem rusted as these bolts are out of the rocker area in between the two cams and not exposed to the engine oil. They are very stubborn and one of them got stripped out. I request the members to guide me to undo the bolts. Will using the extractor method work? If no, can I weld a nut to the bolt to ease the job? Please answer.
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