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  1. Ya didn't notice it's right on the housings. My other car has no indication of what lights it is anywhere on the headlights so I didn't think this would either
  2. Started the process of finding one in late September 2018. Arrived in Canada in around November. Just arrived a few hours away a couple days ago. I bid on a couple I wanted, but didn't win them for the price I wanted. Ended up finding one with a couple dings around the car and got it for a bit less than expected. Would've rather had a 260RS but too much money. It went as smoothly as you could expect, getting a car from Japan to middle of nowhere Canada. First issue was that the battery was toast so I had to buy a new battery. It was only running on fumes so I had to make a trip to a gas station to buy a Jerry can and fill it enough to get the car there. After that just ripped home for a 2 1/2 hour drive. No other issues arose. Other than the headlight bulb exploding. I did get a ton of looks driving around town. More so from people driving when they should've been focusing on the road lol
  3. Hey, I've only just got my Stagea S2 today, and as luck would have it, the driver side headlight bulb exploded. However I'm struggling to figure out what bulb to replace it with. I've seen different answers with the D2R, H1, H1R1, H4, H3, and others. What I want to know, is which light is which, so I know what to replace. There is the outside quarter lights, with a large and small bulb on the inside. Then the inner quarter lights (Brights I think?) in the grill. And then the rectangle lights on the bumper. And for each light, which size bulb do they take?
  4. Heya! I just got my Nissan Stagea RS Four V today and I'm overly excited about it. Bought it back in November and just got it home today. It's my first JDM car, and Station Wagon. Already I've gotten a lot of looks in it. I hope location isn't a matter, because this is about the only forums I found with anything on the Stagea so here I am.
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