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  1. Hey everyone, Going from atmo bov to recirc and it seems the last owner removed the recirc pipe. Where does the hose plumb into? Seems the entire hose is gone so I cannot trace it
  2. I don't have any stock parts as the car came like this, so rather than waste money on stock parts that aren't good enough, I'd want to get the right thing. 9k posts and shitting on people with less experience, gotta love the community, not the first time you've been a tosswank on here though is it
  3. I'm making like 19psi, arent the stock ones rated to 8psi or something??
  4. Title, need ASAP. Cheers
  5. Hey guys, So I was defected tonight lol, for my 50/50 blow off valve and carbon fiber bonnet. How easy is it to fix the bov problem / what would i need? I have no idea.. Cheers..
  6. GTT's are pull, clutch comes in pull as well which is good
  7. Awesome, thanks for the info. Think I'm going to spend the money and get the coppermix.
  8. What you got? Jesus.. Is the difference between button and cushion button that big of a deal for street driving?
  9. Thanks everyone for your feedback, my budget is to hopefully spend less than 1.5k for a good one. It will be daily'd with some light abuse, next tune I'm getting will hopefully be around 370kw~
  10. You mean like the original passive aggressive comment I was responding to? And of course I searched. Its hard to find information with exact power figures. How do you think I came across the NPC clutch that people on here recommend..? Every thread that COULD be answered elsewhere is useless apparently. Besides 'this one fits' I was after actual experiences and feedback.
  11. Ah right, my bad, I thought this was a forum.. for discussions. A clutch place isn't going to tell me if their clutch is shit, are they?
  12. Hey everyone, Need a new clutch for more power / current one is worn, I have the GTT (RB25DET Neo) was wondering if anyone has any tips on what to look for? Will any aftermarket single plate do? Currently looking at https://www.gameonmotorsports.com.au/npc-nissan-skyline-r33-gtr-pull-type-clutch-r34-gt~44571 Looking to make about 375kw~
  13. Can't seem to find any online that's relatively close, anyone have this part? The one for the back of the center console? Cheers
  14. Yeah link works now, was 400ing before. I switched the AFM out but it ran like butthole, needs a retune someone said, but no one tuned nistunes anywhere near me, so big F
  15. Link is dead, and the official Nissan mechanic wasn't sure either, he also said 'a retune will probably fix the issue' but I don't think that's true
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