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  1. Hey guys, Basically the door lock on the drivers side is sort of mushy, sometimes it locks when you push it and others it doesn't quite go all the way (which you need to pull it back then push it forward again). This means the remote central locking doesn't work sometimes either, I have to like open the door then close it again (can be up to a few times) Any ideas? Seems mechanical, could it be dirty or something? EDIT: Also when I lock it using central locking it will sometimes sound like it's vibrating or bouncing back and forth on the inside. And when locking with the key it feels a bit mushy as well and doesn't quite lock all the way either Cheers
  2. Oh wow, I'm an absolute nugget of a human. Yeah okay, it's wrong then. Looks stock in the chart as per what you guys have said.
  3. I dunno, this was exactly a year ago, it must have had the bigger turbo put on and retuned because its definitely not 180kw
  4. That's the one I mentioned in the other thread making 181kw. Manifold gauge pressure reads 31psi. It's definitely a lot more than 181kw, GT3076, pulls quite hard, e.g I can hit 16psi in second gear easily
  5. Sup guys, In another thread I mentioned my car came with a dyno sheet which I think is wrong / has been tuned since then. It's got manifold gauge pressure on the right and it hit 31 psi. As far as I know this isn't boost pressure, it's engine pressure + boost pressure? Or something like that.. What pressure does the GTT run at stock? Trying to work out how much boost it was at during this run. Cheers
  6. I did my entire dash light replacement the other week, if you're talking about the lights that light up the readings on the screen, you need to take the actual climate control cover (black thing) off via the little clip things, then get the bulbs in there
  7. Hey guys, I've been running my GTT on Caltex 98, and just yesterday switched to BP Ultimate (there was about 1/3rd fuel left in the tank). It was running fine before that, now today when I started it up it felt a bit funny, drove it up a few streets, pushed my foot a little further and it felt like I had no power. Turbo spools etc. So I went onto the highway, planted my foot in 4th, felt like there was no boost (boost gauge wasn't moving either, but the turbo was spooling). I was like uh oh, so I drove to an empty street, dropped it into second and floored it, I heard a few pops, of what I would say sounded like misfires coming from the engine, with still no power (this was at 4k~ or so rpm, so when the boost would kick in). Almost stalled at the lights taking off.. I drove around steadily for another 10 minutes or so and then all of a sudden everything was fine, drove around for another 30 minutes and I swear it was even smoother than before. My question is.. Is this because I mixed the two fuels? Or something more sinister? I have heard rumors that the Caltex 98 isn't actually 98.. So could this f**k with timings or something? Cheers
  8. Not sure if it's just me but when I bought the car (R34 GTT) the air con @ 18 degrees is sort of coolish, not cold, and now sometimes it gets cold randomly, and can go hotter (but still cold I guess) randomly, but most of the time its the original 'coolness' It also makes an audible noise coming from the engine bay when the air con light is green. Sort of sounds hissing but it hasn't dropped coolness, could be belt I guess? Any ideas? Lol
  9. thenixtone

    Yeah lol sorry, GT3076. @GTSBoy I guess that changes things? Lol
  10. thenixtone

    Interesting. The car also came with an old dyno chart that read 180kw max hp.. Which it can't be? It doesn't feel like 180kw.. Yeah not sure if I want to spend the money to hit 300kw, seems like a big jump
  11. Hey guys, So I bought an R34 GTT a while back and when I bought it the previous owner didn't know much about the mods as had it sitting for quite a while and left it the way he bought it. Which means I've been finding out slowly what mods it has.. I know it has a GT3067 turbo, nistune ecu (which the tuning shops in town refused to tune the car with), tuned on 98 and runs quite rich, but I have no idea how much power I'm making. I took off in 2nd gear earlier tonight and I hit 16psi before I shifted, it has the RB25DET Neo still. It pulls quite hard, I'm wondering what power I could be looking at in it's current state? Not sure if it has any other engine mods.. Is there a way I can tell what custom shit it has on it more easily? Cheers for any replies