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  1. I currently have Apexi circuit spec coil overs on my R34 GTT. They are so stiff, almost unbearable. The helper spring is fully compressed which I assume is causing the issue. I cant lower the car anymore safely to give the help spring additional room. Should I remove the helper spring, try a different coilover, or something else? Thanks!
  2. Have you seen the prices of Supras in the states? This is cheap in comparison.
  3. Yes I would have the car inspected by a separate party. My first move is to make sure they are a reputable company hence the post here. Yes I have looked into Japanese's auctions and that is still an option.
  4. Considering buying a car from Throttle Addiction in Sydney sight unseen and wanted to see if there was any feed back on these guys from locals. I'm 5000 miles away from them so no way I can see the car myself. Anyone have good or bad experiences with them? Thanks
  5. Want to buy new or gently used passenger (left side) window switch for R34 as well as the ceiling roof handles for the rear seats. Paypal ready. Cheers
  6. The TE's have 265-40 on them. I'm not sure what tire was put on the LMGT's when it was test fitted. I'm having a shop handle all this for me as the car is down for a full rebuild.
  7. Thanks to everyone's input here. Been a lot of help reading through this. I have a bit of a different situation. I have a GTT with GTR fenders added on. I ordered 18-9.5 +12 LM GT4s but they don't fit as I think some of the original GTT fender is in the way. The shop is now telling me to order 18-9.5 +22 up front and 18-10 +22 for the back. Any thoughts on this? I don't want to end up with a second set of wheels that don't fit. Car came with 18-10.5 +22 TE's but they were rubbing a bit so I was looking to change them out. Thanks
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