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  1. That is a BW s200sx-e 76MM with a 0.88A/R T4 Twin Scroll do not have all the exact specs as it is at the Fabrication shop being used to check for clearances and fitment on my manifold they are making!
  2. Sorry for the extremely late reply but here are some updated pics! New color, wheels, some decals, 500hp build starting before end of the month!
  3. Sorry guys thought I attached it, really embracing the newbie part of the title haha
  4. Hey Everyone, Here is my 1993 Nissan Skyline GTS25T with a full authentic Veilside bodykit! To my knowledge the car was imported into Canada with the bodykit already installed which is why I have decided to keep it on for now as a tribute in sorts to the cars history. Not many people are a fan of the kit but I personally love it and all of its uniqueness. I have found many answers to my trouble shooting problems on SAU so figured I'll sign up! Feel free to ask anything and everything about the build! Cheers!
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