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  1. Itll be on a drift car, so coming on boost hard, early is desirable.
  2. In Bulgaria, where i lives, two times the customs held my parts for two months before they even give me a chance to pay the charges for them. The whole system here is f*cked.
  3. No, i am located in Europe and shipping and customs will be nightmare, if i have to get it from Australia.
  4. What about 9174 1.05? I cant get my hands on 8474 and now i am wondering about this one.
  5. Hello, could you guys help me choose between 8374 and 8474, both with 1.05 housings, for 2jz ge non vvti engine. Quick specs are 9.5CR, BC264 cams, sligthly ported head. The target is 650 to around 700whp with best spool and response and 7500 to maximum 7800rpm limit. Is the 8374 be enough or 8474 will be needed for those goals? Fuel will be E100. Thank you in advance!
  6. On bottom mount T4 twin scroll manifold, will an EFR 7163 CHRA be sitting higher then 7670 one? Thanks
  7. I bought two of those OPR 40 regulators and found that they works on my drift car with top mounted Garrett GTX turbo, but on my daily car with bottom mount Garrett with short oil drain there is leakage with the regulator too and i had to fit an oil restrictor on the turbo.
  8. I could measure the drain. If properly sized drain and additional restrictor are fitted, do you think itll be fine or seals could be damaged allready?
  9. Hi, may i ask ou guys for advice. I have a brand new EFR7670 on my car, but now i find a cheap second hand 7163 and i want to get it too. The guy who sells it claim that the turbo have only 500miles on it, but when i remove the turbine housing i found a signs of oil leaking. I talked to some other guys and show them picture and they said, that it could be from too much oil getting into the turbo regardless of there is built in oil restrictor. There is zero shaft play, the turbo is like new except that. So could you tell me what you think from the pic? Thank you!
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