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  1. I had a GT35R .82 top mount on my standard RB25 (with poncams) and it was a bit laggy, but still a lot of fun...kicked hard on boost. The setup is pretty similar to what I had...ext. gate, bosch 044, top mount, 850cc inj (no front facing intake plenum though) You definitely wont get into the max efficiency range of the turbo with a standard 25 bottom end, but switching that head over to the 30 bottom end later will sort that out.
  2. spotted a white S14 with SAU Vic stickers out the front of Genesis South Port yesterday morning. ...oh and R34PER again this morning on Neapean Hwy
  3. HypeR33


    thats if they get off the bike at all. I live in bayside and the amount of times I see cyclists ride straight through a red light it's rediculous. Then on bad days they will ride 4 or more wide taking up a lane and a bit more
  4. haha I am on level 4 overlooking the carpark well nearly overlooking the carpark...Messaging team
  5. spotted purple 33 vspec in my work carpark [sTBxxx], stock rims with SAU and RE Customs on the rear qtr window
  6. haha yeah...I have noticed a couple of 'spirited' u-turns
  7. spot R34PER just about every weekday on Nepean Hwy somewhere between North Rd and where he does a u-turn near Freedom
  8. Spotted Nathan in his silver 33 R turning onto Nepean from South Rd
  9. I had a pair of Bride Brix in my 33. The hug amazingly well compared to 33GTR seats and are more like 34GTR seats. They are very snug though as mentioned above
  10. OMG...spotted yellow Pagani Zonda turning off Montague St Port Melbourne last night...awesome looking and sounding machine!!! ***drool***
  11. spotted black 33 gts-t last night [DINETH] on little collins with a bunch of cops standing next to it.
  12. Have seen [WATEVA] on a mazda 121 I think it was
  13. spotted a nice looking silver 33 GTR on Beaconsfield Parade Port Melbourne last night
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