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  1. The clip is about how there came to be 6 sec street gtrs not 6 second drag dedicated cars.
  2. Check it out if ya have not.
  3. The r33 test car is pretty kool id love 1. Steve85, thanks for not playin with your dik while you replied, unlike the others that replied so far.
  4. A survey by 1320 videos asked this... Wich skyline in the '1320' video do you like most The r32 or the r34? Just thought id share the vid and see what people here like more.
  5. Slap


    I understand your point steve. This probably relates more so to the previous thread i was coming over from. When the time is right and the funding supply is there why not buy everything you want hey. @gtsboy you are the troll and your band of keyboard warrior stalkers just love me. So i guess i was wrong this aint even a skyline forum anymore, its a sell out. Guess ya can tell people euro is better here. Another forum or similar will begin specialising in skylines, especialy now that they are rare and considered lesser to euros here. I know this makes me wanna split. Where are the skidline lovers at?
  6. Slap


    Was a bad move, needed a side forrum linked. Well i have been using this site for about 12-13 years for skidline info. Sau is still indicitive of skylines. I couldnt careless about being on here after hearing that skylines are actualy dissmissed from the name.
  7. Slap


    I would think Skylines Australia United. Why when it seems to be euros united more so. I undersrand people come here with allsorts but isnt this a skyline fan site. How come im the only one stickin up for skidlines over euro? Does the site maybe need a new name or is this some kind of a joke using skylines in the name to entice but then talk up euros instead.
  8. Slap


    Why is the site called SAU?
  9. I dont see anyone asking wich euro is the best. I think a few long term members lost there passion for actual skylines and forgot they were where op is or similar and not just lifestyle but mentaly aswell. He has been given advice against skylines on a skyline site, and thus world love for skylines will die with crap like your posting , wether its right or wrong. Maybe if ya wanna lip about euro being greater than skidlines cause ya can waste 4x the money now than you used to be able too, then go to a euro site and do it. Skyline life 4 eva!
  10. The point of the thread was to be cheap. I believe: The most obvious cheapest choices would be, stay N/A $0 , bolt a turbo system and ecu and minimal work to boost $1000-2000 till it dies then put in gtt motor$1600 , gtt or ls motor ecu and loom swap $3-3.5k , gtt car upgrade12-20k And for godsake no golf. Ya wont be the fastest on the road and any more than 300kw is truely unnecessary as a road vehicle whos build purpose is limited to acceleration and bordered by speedlimits on handeling. Wich can be ignored at user discretion for Risk. 52k put in my skidline would be a far better. To the point people would walk right past the golf staring at the r32 pimped outa its brain.
  11. Because it makes more sense than braging about golfs on SAU.
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