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  1. Slap

    New terminals?That plug on the positive terminal can be dicky and unplug or not connect properly. I believe it will isolate the power of most the car from the alt and bat if disconnected.
  2. [emoji87][emoji3166][emoji856] I thought e85 draws in condenensation and can easily be contaminated. If it is in the can it can draw condensation through the airways. Same with your conaminated oil in the sump but will more than likely evaporate quickly in the engine and show as condensation on the inside of the oil cap. Saying this hopefully the can is saving the sump oil by being the only atmospheric inlet mildue can get in. When on petrol the temps are higher and the fuel and moisture evaporate away from the oil easier and qucker.... e85 more fuel and less evap and more drawn in condensation fr9m e85... messure what you tip out compared to what you need! More blow by will add more. Does the engine have a breather? May help if pvc return dont. I used to use 1 on the top of the can so not all vacum was applied to the motor. Also the can will be the moisture catcher still. ?It may be to much vacum in the motor pulling the fuel past the rings if they are gaped more? Very queationable! [emoji89] [emoji51]
  3. Slap

    Rpm acceleration ben. Not all cars hit 8k the same speed. The faster the piston can accelerate the quiker it can get to set redline. I know im confusing and i dont mean to be but sometimes i feel like i have to defend myself before i can clarify and end up confused where your at only to go there and bring it back home in an evolving argument for you to see what im on about.
  4. Slap

    Whats the first mod you do? Up Boost! Not C/R! But yes up it or down it to suit
  5. Slap

    Lol. No but it isnt as good at it as boost. With boost and our fuels we are limited by materials to certain C/R. And it is easier to achieve a speedy motor by sacrificing C/R instead of boost on a boosted motor.
  6. Slap

    Your close but still not getting it. If we add the cycle it works in favour of boost and low C/R according to fuel type. You cant just say that basic physics doesnt exist...just because it can be hard to understand the exacts. The explosive force of the extra air is mor than that of compressed with the fuels we use. And the motor has less resistance.
  7. Slap

    What did i say wrong exactly? "That more pressure will slow the compression stroke and cause more heat" I did state i wasnt talking power stroke. because then power comes to play and volume is more effective for power. The power vs resistance factor is now at play. Wich then all comes down to air flow and fueling. You cant take your turbo off and increase the C/R to make up for it unless you had superman fuel. Do you see what im saying yet?
  8. Slap

    This is where the argument begun. It will and its power and temps and the fuel you use. All of wich you know but had to say the above instead of acuratley showing me how the balance of pressure is the same at different volumes vs C/R to enable the pistons accelleration to not change. As i said how fast can the motor be spun by hand? ... lower the compression to suit and its faster..or raise the power to suit and its faster. Thanks for a detailed reply but im not arguing wich is better as its my personal prefference for me and yours for you. Would be lovely to run e85 cept its not viable cost wise for on road high k use yet.
  9. [emoji849][emoji51][emoji3166][emoji856] I have had to much negative feed back when i assist with things like this not that all the feed back is bad . Hopefully someone will chime in b4 the temptation to hypothesis becomes to much! Ahh i remember this... and i quote gts boy here as a flash back. "Gents, When Slap is asking about closed loop, he's talking about closed loop fuelling. I suspect when Johnny Dose is talking about closed loop (in above posts) he's talking about closed loop idle speed control. So, talking at cross purposes. As has been posted before; At idle (ie, TPS closed, ~0.45v) the ECU is definitely in closed loop idle speed control. At idle, provided the O2 sensor is warm enough, the ECU will be in closed loop mixture control. But this often fails and the ECU will just revert to the idle fuelling map. At idle, the ECU does not change timing based on O2 feedback. At idle, the ECU adds AND subtracts timing from the base 15° according to its needs for idle speed control, but is aiming to run 15° and control speed with IACV wherever possible.".
  10. Slap

    The extra volume gets read. Thats why it adds more fuel. Do you ever think that i do these silly exersises to make you relise what your saying. I do learn technichals from these discussions. Now lets say you have too much pressure. Wich is better to reduce. Boost or compression ratio and why? Example....11.5/1 @ 9psi. What should be lowerd? Can you see why it matters about suiting the setup. Also back to piston speed...i should clarify i dont mean rpm or max velocity and enertia. I mean piston acceleration speed during compression stroke wich would be different from bottom to top depending on pressure.
  11. Slap

    To be fair even though you answered the car race part. Well done So if psi is added by boost then it adds more power? Over adding it as a compression rate?
  12. Slap

    I would argue that the compression stroke can compress air with less effort when boosted with psi from turbo as opposed to it added to comp ratio. Would a cammed high comp 10.5/1 na r33 beat a boosted r33 running 1 bar boost 9.5/1? Why? (Piston speed?) Maybe ?- The boosted car could compress the air at twice the rate as it has 2x atmosphere pressure at the bottom of the compression stroke and is the same ltrs. Means ? Less work for same power - surely quicker compression stroke. Not talking combustion stroke... atm. I never said fuel wasnt relative. I backed yas on it. I found my car better with my cams set to lower my compression and alow a more free flowing motor. I would also argue that they are different pressures as dynamic. 9.5/1 + 29.4psi boost =? 10.5/1 +14.7 psi boost =? 11.5/1 = ? Because you have doubled the sarting amount of air with every 14.7 of boost And the piston still has 100% travell left. Do they all have the same answer? Or Does the volume of air make a difference? And How fast can you spin your motor by hand with the plugs in compared to with them out? So is it? 9.5/1 + 29.4psi boost =? 169.05 10.5/1 +14.7 psi boost =?169.05 11.5/1 = ?169.05 Wich would seem right if the volume wasnt doubled and tripled inside of the cyl area. Maybe it should be:?? (14.7atmo+29.4)44.1psi@9.5/1 =? 418.95 (14.7atmo+14.7)29.4psi @ 10.5/1=? 308.7 (14.7atmo)14.7@11.5/1 = ? 169.05 Anyone monitored cylinder pressure under boost at pp. (Perfect pressure point)? How do you recon it should be calculated? It is desirable to match for how you want your car to react. Boost provides more air than raising the compression so you can make more power from higher boost than higher comp. In saying this im not against raising it if it suits the cars setup. On an n/a car push it up for sure.
  13. Slap

    That is relevant only to my rant and how you tried to belittle me in the gtr sale thread. How about a post helping out the thread starter instead. I gave you a crucifix remember.