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  1. Isnt there an injetor on a different pin for the 25 compared to the 20?
  2. Its plugin so wiring it up is prety easy. Lol. Hmmm wonder if its the same 2 firing and that may be why it works on 20 det... If i recall its cyl 4 and 6 that are different pins between the 25 and 20 ecu. Thanks for the info. Ill do some sussing. Still would be nice to get a gold of a base map for the 20 oposed to the 25.
  3. As far as i could see in the downloads the maps they have are for 25. The boss man at wolf said it could be tuned to suite 20 and the injectors/spark pins shouldnt need swapping to correct. Surely someone with a 20det map or some know how on these old wolf v4 plug in units.
  4. Carn bradly. Be nice. Just want a map so i can start learning some more.
  5. Any one got a rb20det base map file for a wolf v4 plugin , that they would be willing to share with me? I want to have a play but am new to wolf and am unsure of a couple of the settings to get correct injector/spark order, as the wolf v4 unit may have 25det tune. I contacted wolf and the unit does both 20/25 without any wire changes.
  6. I only hear good stuff about ' race pace '.
  7. Sorry to be a sad sack but. If a car is pinging badly on boost the noise can be high pitch (not a whistle but similar) and it will eat itself from the inside. If the plugs are white that means lean...lean on boost means pinging due to less timming , heat and pressure is needed to ignite and will have increased temps leading to detonation from heat induced pre ignition. Id be checking the fuel filter , fuel pressure , flow and regulator. Were any old plugs different color to the others? There is so many things that can cause a lean condition and so many driving occasions that things can occur at. Research a lot. Asking doesnt always help. If your mech or tech happy you should be fine to figure this out. Otherwise take it where it can be tested and diagnosed. From... un metered air - undelivered fuel- incorrect timming. Un metered air- breathing post maf pre turbo, unpluged , dirty or dead maf. Undelivered fuel- pump (bad flow/dead), ecu(control/tune), injectors(dirty/loose conection/dead) , filter (blocked) ,sender (can cause bad flow not switching 9v idle-12v throttle), maf(dirty/dead/unpluged) ,fuel regulator(should rise 1-1 with boost), O2 sensor(part throttle and boost transition lean condition) Timing out- Tune, incorrect maf/tps/cas sensor readings to ecu. Ok thats all that i can think of right now that is a possibilty. Im sure theres more. Goodluck.
  8. That bolt loose shouldnt cause a boost leak. Maybe a zorst leak.... wich may cause the fuel ratios to be read wrong by the 02 sensor and changing the part throttle fuel trims. On the bright side the turbine prop looks ok. Is that a bit of grease on the fins? Bit of rubber hose is easy to replace dont stress. It may have been perished anyway. Hmmmmm tighten up the bolt and see if it helps. If that turbo is highflowed and on low boost it may be a bit loud from the waste gate working harder to keep boost down. I have never heard of spark plug temps causing such an issue with smell. The way you described it. Could it be wiring? Just maybe load for the plugs is making things hot~??? Maybe someone will chime in soon that has had a similar issue
  9. You dont need to remove the turbo. Just the intake pipe to it. So you can see the turbine propeller. If the shaft moves to far toward the inlet where the pipe came off it can scrape. You been on stock boost so it may last a year.
  10. Arhg! I hope the turbine wheel isnt scraping the housing inlet. Turbo rebuild time if so and i wouldnt drive it like that.. Check if the turbine can pull back to the entry and see if its hitting. A boost leak usualy causes richer than normal but still possible to throw shit out of wack.
  11. Check nothing came unpluged or disconected when the plugs were done. It doesnt take much. A vacum leak, a disconected sensor or plug. Doughtful but If the old plugs were shagged the long term trims may be out badly. If its a stock ecu do a hard wire reset to see if it helps.
  12. If you cant get one in nz , are you able to switch to an electric fan.(thermos) Heaps of them floating around. Seems to be a pretty common mod. Fans Sensor/control trigger Relay Wire
  13. Ah ok. I gots it. So it needs to back off as boost comes on.
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