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  1. I recently sold my Skylines and ive realised that j spec did my reebok 32 and v spec did my 5 seat 32.
  2. Exactly how you didnt read it! Does it say it changes the maps calibration, or is it saying it modifies its location and path prediction for eg..
  3. Is that not what it is saying in laymans terms, "as it MODIFIES" does not represent any one actual change, and is interpreted to myself as basic word usage so that it can be used to cover all different aspects and types of change and ecu's.
  4. I may have invented load maps but ment load area of the map. Eg.... "Pulling a fifth-wheel camper up the Rocky Mountains at highway speed, for example, puts the engine under a huge load and requires a lot of energy. The ECU gets input from all of the sensors on vehicle speed, air intake, pressure, and temperature and plots a specific point on the imaginary graph. The computer is programmed to tell the fuel injectors what to do at that very point on the fuel map, and it sends out the appropriate message -- without any more input from the driver." open loop and closed loop is well known i believe and maybe you should do some googling and maybe you will see where my terminology isnt correct. But its the jist.
  5. "Defining Open Loop and Closed Loop o2 Open loop is when the ECU is not referring to the o2 sensor for feedback. ... Closed loop is when the ECU does refer to the o2 sensor for feedback. Using the o2 sensor the ECU will modify its fuel table based on the readings the o2 sensor is seeing."
  6. The gauge is a gauge not sensor. The part of the maps i refer to you know of. As it is part of the mapping. Not its own map . Dont be foolish about it. I will google open and closed loop fueling.
  7. Is closed loop ....o2 feed and active changes? And open loop means the loop is broken and or uses maps. Loaded maps being wot and high throttle maps tuned in the ecu like an idle map but for when the cars power is under load?
  8. Mm k i read the lot now a few times and cant resist. Rich n Retard on oem spec and map 32gtst ecu ...what i always believed is ...the knock map becomes active and actively monitor knock when a parameters are met, running in a closed loop mode adjusting back to an optimal pre determed/set figure when the car has acheived i think its 5 starts clean and warmed from cold it will go back to a tuned map or if reset. Whilst R&R timming can be reduced activley when knock is heard (usualy to late and not enough 4 high hp build), Running 91 octane is loads different to leaning out or over boosting and neither are great but low boost lean condition or det or knock is far less detremental than high pressure high boost one. With todays fuels cars can advance timming much more, so active controlling is actualy not so bad now and more common as the sensors ect...are faster. A tuned and properly mapped car can either be mapped to die or last. Simple with all the technology and info at hand to safe gaurd the motor. So a good tune would stop your car dying instantly but cant save it if you want it dead. A 700hp car on 91 to us aussies is bad but thats our 95 and as far as i can think Japan has been using ethanol since early 90 late 80s in there 'high octane fuel'. Why not 1200hp and run 700 with room. There is 2khp blocks around if you do a conversion and the best choice in australia is an ls of sorts then the barra of chuck .. i mean ford. Being traditionilst dont...RBLYF. $20K DIY 2-3 AND SELL THE SHITIER LEARNING BUILDS. Gearboxes suk but 700hp youl need gtr spec upgraded min for safeish abuse or similar a tough farkin box anyways. And to check those injectors best option is to know how your car runs and feels when good if theres a change in its behaviour or economy check each cylinder is firing at idle and find the coil pack that cause least change during when being unpluged ..one at a time ...find the cyl determine the issue ...spark ....compression....fuel. remembering to check vacum and boost to fuel regulator as a loss in pressure from less vac or more will /could change or impact fuel pressure simultaneous . Engine off now ...pull cas ... key on ignition on dont start it listen to pump determine normality, spin cas back and forth at different interceptions complying with each incjection pulse ....listen for normalities determine as minor defect will be more noticable in less duty/flow situation...then pull plugs checking fouling/soot levels remember wich type of fuel you run ...expose cylinders to comp test and keep record (repeat after some drives also to help see if yo fixed the car b4 comp loss takes hold)... by now one ...two....or....three...properties of the combustion prosscess can be excused and the other(s) investigated more thouroughly if needed. Wide band gauge is delayed too much to save a bad leanout that is why it should be monitored by the ecu or other different automatic safegaurds. Wow if you made it to here with out a brain fart or misinterpretation or without overly reading into it (my spelling and gramar) well done. Please feel free to discuss the differences in oem ecu through eras if you believe your up forthe task anyone. I will have questions and staments posed as truths because of my whole hearted beliefs in the whole lot. I studied many posts 4 many years due to lack of funds and only having the shitiest equiptment i wanted and made my car work 4 me. Came on here and got told i was wrong..... And i dont mean gramar but it didnt help. But i did what i did and the car did what it did . And my monitoring system is 80s and oddball but the many possom holes to be found here at sau and r31owners is fundemntal to my development as an owner enthusist diy reneck car lover. Ecu trickery to start and moves to ecu resolution expansion to cylinder comp ratios. It all works together the way it gets set. High idles , cam timings , fuel pressure , injectors ect... Infact did you know gtr injectors are almost perfect size for e85 on stock maps in an rb20det with some advance? 270cc vs 444cc Taking into account the density difference and flow corrections 7 years ago i worked out they are ~42% larger ?? made my safc happy and wallet sad, back to stockies with a 300zx tt fuel pump wired up and gtr fuel rail and dampeners and 98oct. The usualy bolt ons. Hope it was an interesting and informative write up. Please ignore spelling and gramar and terminology error if you can.
  9. I have b4. I dont get dyno time. Always been to poor and had to go the hard yards to get what i have let alone afford to pop engines whilst experimenting. Ill write a post up a post about anolouge hacking and what i achieved and did not. But right now meh! Id just get bs back at me instead of a level of understand. Y i was as is.
  10. Could be some lyrics? just said it, that is all.
  11. Having knowledge, terminology, pride and still ya karnt understand a basic rundown of your own checks or what is percieved to be. Personal digs deserve retribution! Still the same people doing the same thing, and what can i say stiring the pot is a good laugh sometimes, other times i feel the burn you use to get rid of me. I want knowledge as much as anyone and suffering stigmatized should not be part of it, yall dont handle similar. And to no particular being ,Your red my green , sometimes you need glasses , somtetime they do. So when im miss understood, please dont confuse people by talking about snot or putting me down, just ask and if so learn or teach. I will go passive as long. I believe.. Understanding is key to knowledge and wisdom Articulate memory the key to intellect
  12. Yes but with high octane non ethanol blends the soot levels are higher. So it looks richer than it is and if you want to see if an injector isnt flowing correct would only be noticeable with a major defect. Wich would be noticeable prior. To do it just to save worry or check A/F is pointless and wrong. The amount of toloune isnt represented and is probably inconsistent wich would also change the outcome. Not saying its bad to do just wrong and pointless unless there is an unkown but promenent issue, due to soot from toluene. If there is a minor injector flow rate difference using a single o2 wideband , closed loop fueling it for long enough to change the entire injector fueling to read right but be wrong (optimal cyl(s) over or under fuel the correction) would be the time to do it accuratley and also too late too. Unless you reset your ecu all the time then you would/might see the minor fueling issue correct itself wrongly quicker and maybe possible to tell. Using load maps to check would be wrong as it would have hurt your engine but is the most probable time for people to notice.
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