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  1. You'll probably be on your full licence before you finish. Save up for something with real horsepower I say.
  2. Not too keen on driving 18 hrs Brisbane to Melbourne. Perth to Melbourne is a grueling 36 hrs...no thanks! If the car was from Sydney it might be worth considering. I agree with mlr, pay for inspection and car transport for piece of mind. Definitely don't want no banjo playing.
  3. Hey, I'm looking at all my options to purchase an R32. I'm from Melbourne but the cars I'm interested in are from interstate. Either from Brisbane or Perth. Does anyone know what it costs these days to transport a car from QLD to VIC? I'm waiting for some quotes online from https://www.vehiclemove.com.au/car-transport-quotes has anyone used them before?
  4. This is Nice! What kind of mods have you done?
  5. Nice project! Love the Panelvan. Good luck with the parts.
  6. Those are hard to find! I know a few buddies, I'll ask around for you.
  7. It has been in the back of my mind for a little while now. Have always loved them but have never owned one. I feel the time is right.
  8. Hi all, Just signed up and entering uncharted territory in the world of skylines. Looking to purchase a skyline GT-R R32 in the not so distant future, so hopefully can get some good advice on here. Peace!
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