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  1. Can anyone help where too buy one of these timing chain kits for the Vq25dd stagea. Can only find on ebay. Can you only get them from Nissan?
  2. Hey all, hoping someone can help me out. Timing chain is needing replacing and I can not find one for my car besides ebay!! My car is an Nm35 stagea Vq25dd, I can easily find kits for the dets just not mine only through ebay. I am really liking the price off the ebay one as it sits just under $300 but I'm not too sure whether too trust it or not and I know timing isn't something too cheap out on soo just wondering has anyone here ever bought one of these kits from ebay? There's so many of these same kits on ebay so hopefully someone here has bought one and has had no issues. Other than that does anyone know where too buy one locally? Im from NZ Auckland and I did message bnt about it and they said their supplier said that the Vq25dd engines require a different kit than the other vqs and has too be genuine? Not sure what genuine means, but I'm assuming from the dealership?? Any help is appreciated thanks
  3. Honestly it's just the car I have haha and it's become a little project too me I understand there not much gain in it, I just wanna get a bit more power out of it anywhere I can and also my stock cats are making a very weird sound and looked almost cracked and rusted down there. Also want too change the tone coming out of my exhaust as I just got a custom exhaust from the mid pipe back done, and it's got a very deep low tone at about 2000 - 3500 rpm if I explained that correctly haha soo was hoping new free flow cats could change that tone possibly. I'm still learning. And oem cats I heard are pricey soo thought. Might as well upgrade if possible
  4. No it's the vq25dd should of mentioned that too sorry, no turbo and I do believe I have the same manifold as the pnm35 and infinity g35, all run the same manifold I'm sure from photos. correct me if I'm wrong, soo that's believing me too think their cats are the same too, they look almost identical besides the fact they have o2 sensors in them. Just from the videos of installs I've watched its like as if it's longer in length then mine, but will do more research. Thanks heaps
  5. Yea I know of that way of doing it but I can't weld nor own one, and would need too take it somewhere and pay for that as well, just looking for something with direct fit so can do myself. if nothing then will have too go with getting it custom done or like you said.
  6. Hey all, was hoping you guys could help me out with this one. I'm looking at purchasing a pair high flows cats, i have a 2003 nm35 stagea and pretty much all the parts im looking at, at the moment are for the infinity g35 and nissan 350z, im currently hooked on purchasing one from z1 motorsports and purching thier z1 highflow cats for the g35 de model, now all i need too know is if the catalytic converters are the same on the g35 and my stagea. if so i know it will fit, ive already looked a ton and from what i can see they look identical but just need too make sure before i go through with purchasing something from overseas which is pricey. i couldnt manage too find anything local as of yet hence why purchasing online and was going too get it custom done but the guy didnt look too keen on doing it and quoted me far more then i could afford soo only got everything from the mid pipe back done. but if any of you know any high flow cats which are a perfect fitment and/or if the g35 runs the exact same cats as the stagea would be a great help.thanks!
  7. Hey all, I'm really interested in purchasing coilovers but looking for a true coilover setup in the rear, and not a seperate shock and spring setup. I know where too buy coilovers with that setup, but just can't seem too find a true coilover setup for the Nm35 stagea, if anyone knows of any please let me know it would be a great help!
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