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  1. I have to say, if that transmission works the way he is expecting it to. It will be a game changer. The speed and driveability if a DCT with closer to manual weights. Not to mention packaging advantages. Edit: aww hell, I screwed up the quoting somehow. I was referring to the Koenigsegg video
  2. Silverhks

    See, I knew I was to new here to open my mouth. Apparently I never learn 😀 At least I know better than to give legality advice...
  3. Silverhks

    I'm still new to this platform. However, aftermarket dump pipes like that are usually designed to mount to the existing cat-back eliminating factory cats. If you want a hi-flow cat you then have it fabbed in as far down the dump as possible. This hurts emssions on cold starts but works just fine once warmed up while allowing the best flow for your turbo. The specifics of this platform I could have very wrong though. I hope someone more knowledgeable will chime in soon.
  4. Silverhks

    I'm confused. Where are you thinking of putting the cat? The Kakimoto bolts to the dump pipe right? If the last is true, I would put a 3" cat in the dump pipe. How are you going to transition from 3" dump to 3.5" Kakimoto?
  5. Silverhks

    I love that blue, what is it?
  6. Silverhks

    Thanks. Back when I thought I only had a busted hose I bought an Autobahn88 silicon set. I am Replacing all of the hoses under the plenum with those and I am eliminating as many as I can currently. I also have replacement radiator hoses as well. I haven't looked into the exhaust side yet. Yes, cam gears are going on. It's just more delay although the cams are probably going to cause more than that. Thanks. Trust me if I loaded a current picture you wouldn't say that. Typical unsealed shed dust layer...
  7. Silverhks

    Had some time to to work on the car today. Installed the starter, the oil takeoff block, and intake manifold. I had to stop installing things because I am waiting on the oil pressure extension so I can mount it in the block and my remote oil filter mount, fittings, and hose. I did start building up the IAC assembly and sorting out the other hoses I will be keeping. I would like to change to a stepper IAC at some point but that is going to need to wait until I can replace the ECU. There are 2 vacuum lines that come around the back of the head and tie into the water tube. Both are capped at the front side. If I understand this correctly. The green line should have pressure from the plenum, correct? My initial thought is to run a line off the plenum with a tee. 1 side going to the EBC and 1 connecting to the green hard line completely avoiding the water tube hard lines completely. I would then connect the EBC signal line to the blue hard line. Does that sound correct? Then the 2 steps forward 1 step backwards aspect of my time with this car rears it's head again. I removed the towel I had covering the head to see this... Yes that is rust on the cam lobes. I'm not sure what my options are at this point other than to pull the cams and have them polished. Which leads to "as long as I'm there" I need to get some cam gears. It will also allow me to measure the cams so I know what I actually have.
  8. I'm sorry to make this an additional reply but I can't figure out how to edit my previous post. I have started a build threat HERE. It has pics of the headlights
  9. Well I guess I will start with how I acquired my beauty. This is pretty much my first sight her. In the spring of 2017 a friend of mine mentioned that he had imported a BNR32 in 2016 and was thinking about selling it. Having only heard about this car I was immediately interested in seeing and driving it. This is pretty much my first of sight her. Between this and how the test drive went I had to have her. Known mods: GT-SS turbos Unknown spec cams, possibly Poncams Rumored built bottom end, however based on the bits and pieces I think it's probably stock and I'm not taking it apart to check Large unknown spec intercooler Aftermarket hard pipe, this includes a botched together abortion of a merge pipe(I need to take a pic of this, it's hard to describe how much of an improvement a stock one would be) Yellowjacket coils and an aftermarket coil harness. Multi-plate clutch, rumored to be a Nismo BC coilovers There are some heim joints in the suspension. I haven't crawled under her and really checked what I have there yet. HICAS is either disabled or broken. The dash light is on, I just haven't investigated yet. Power FC with Japanese tune. I have been driving it on what I think is wastegate pressure (uses a Profec B) An aftermarket steering wheel I decided the first thing I wanted to tackle was the headlights. The low beams were atrocious and the highs were nonexistent. Shock! Someone had butchered rear of the headlights so they could poorly install some H1 bulbs. If I was going to repair the mess I decided to upgrade it to some Bi-Xenon projectors from Morimoto, I believe they were the mini D2S version 3. Morimoto on the left, Stock on the right Stock on left, on the right is rig I came up with to adopt the Morimoto. Installed without glass. 20 years in the import scene and I have never liked chrome light surrounds. So I scuffed them lightly and flat blacked them. The only almost finished product I have. I haven't sealed them back up or installed the clips yet. Not sure why I don't have a finished pic, it's going to make the DIY harder to write, oh well. I installed my new spiffy headlights. Wired them up with the relay kit I bought and couldn't get them to stay on when switching to highs. (Interesting side note here, I discovered SAU while trying to figure this out, say summer of 17) There is a good thread here explaining the 2-3 options you have to make them work, I just can't find it at the moment ☹️. While testing and aiming my new lights the car sprung a coolant leak under the plenum. No problem, right? Buy and replace some hoses and your good. Yep, not that simple. First you have to get the plenum off so you can see what the problem is. Boy, I wasn't aware of what I was getting into there. With every removed hose I was horrified by their condition and the crusty rust looking stuff on the inside. I hadn't found one that looked like it had actually failed though. Then I found the culprit, the fitting at cylinder 6. The little 90 take off had a clear hole in the bend. Unfortunately, the only way I could get it off was to remove the throttles and intake manifold. At this point I'm realizing I should have just pulled the engine.... I put a factory fitting back in but then "while I'm thereitis" set in. I decided to remove the factory oil/water mess and go with a remote oil cooler. I acquired a Ross Tuffbond oil take off fitting. I recently saw some posts about the NA coolant hoses really helping with simplifying this area, I need to look into this more. I also got the valve cover, plenum, upper timing belt cover and intake manifold powder coated. This pretty much catches you up to today. Due to simple lack of time it is taking longer than I would like.
  10. As she appeared for me. She is just as clean inside although I don't have any pictures. That is my STi in the background.
  11. Silverhks

    Hey man, I've been following this since you first posted last June. I'm enjoying the way it's coming together for you and really looking forward to your opinions of both the ECU and the MeisterRs. P.S. I'm just up the road.
  12. Thanks for the welcome! I'm hoping to some basic pics uploaded after I get off work in the morning, my local not yours Oh, and I have noticed the American section is a little slow...
  13. Yes I am running relays for the HIDs. The problem I was trying to deal with was getting the Bi-Xenon high beams to stay on. Based on info I gleaned from here and the UK site, it had to do with the odd way Nissan wired them. You need to modify the switch at the cluster or run a wire with a resistor from the high signal. Now I personally am not good with electrics so I was calling on reinforcements when everything went downhill. That part of the project got put on the back burner.
  14. Hello all, I have been lurking here for about a year. I acquired my 1990 KH2 GTR in spring of 2017. I changed the projectors for some Morimoto HIDs for better light and so that I wouldn't be blinding oncoming traffic. I drove it several times and was sorting out the high beam situation when it sprang a coolant leak under the intake. I assumed it was one of the many hoses only to find out it was the fitting near cylinder 6. I have been SLOWLY repairing and doing some upgrades. Anyway, I have no pictures on this computer. I will get some uploaded shortly.