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  1. Ouch, sorry to hear that. At least with the laundry you have something to keep you occupied.
  2. That's what I get for not following the link. I assumed the link was just for an engine. I guess it does fit. Makes you wonder why he's trying to sell it that close to completion.
  3. I really hope that's an off to the Dyno see ya... Not the, I'm done now see ya
  4. Unfortunately I don't see the front panels listed. Only the bumpers and rear quarters. I hope the fronts will be added. I haven't needed to look up windows. Are they that hard to get?
  5. This is kind of a late reply but NZEFI has the scaling data for these MAFs, you should reach out to them.
  6. Nissan has add 24 more pieces to the Heritage program. Linky Here Nismo link in Japanese. This works better on my phone where it will translate. The highlights in my mind are new blocks, heads and R32 body panels. I wonder if they would be making any changes to the metallurgy.
  7. Craven minds must work like brilliant ones. I'm currently looking for an e60 535 sport package as a daily driver.
  8. Amen! Having just spent ~500 US on AN house and fittings I feel your pain. I take solace in the hope that I won't have to replace this stuff again
  9. I have to say, if that transmission works the way he is expecting it to. It will be a game changer. The speed and driveability if a DCT with closer to manual weights. Not to mention packaging advantages. Edit: aww hell, I screwed up the quoting somehow. I was referring to the Koenigsegg video
  10. See, I knew I was to new here to open my mouth. Apparently I never learn 😀 At least I know better than to give legality advice...
  11. I'm still new to this platform. However, aftermarket dump pipes like that are usually designed to mount to the existing cat-back eliminating factory cats. If you want a hi-flow cat you then have it fabbed in as far down the dump as possible. This hurts emssions on cold starts but works just fine once warmed up while allowing the best flow for your turbo. The specifics of this platform I could have very wrong though. I hope someone more knowledgeable will chime in soon.
  12. I'm confused. Where are you thinking of putting the cat? The Kakimoto bolts to the dump pipe right? If the last is true, I would put a 3" cat in the dump pipe. How are you going to transition from 3" dump to 3.5" Kakimoto?
  13. Thanks. Back when I thought I only had a busted hose I bought an Autobahn88 silicon set. I am Replacing all of the hoses under the plenum with those and I am eliminating as many as I can currently. I also have replacement radiator hoses as well. I haven't looked into the exhaust side yet. Yes, cam gears are going on. It's just more delay although the cams are probably going to cause more than that. Thanks. Trust me if I loaded a current picture you wouldn't say that. Typical unsealed shed dust layer...
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