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  1. Yes it can but the switch/sensor won’t work because it’s not meant to hold fluid. As far as the 228 psi when does the switch engage? I have a few oil pressure switches but they activate at different pressures. I have one that’s 150psi, 50, 75, and 35.
  2. Just FYI I have bagged lexus. The GTR isn’t bagged lol
  3. It’s NPT. I have another switch from my air ride that I test fitted and it threads fine. The only thing that is needed to figure out is the range of the switch.
  4. Oh yeah also Nissan cannot order or make a brand new Attesa pump. Discontinued from manufacturer.
  5. Unfortunately not. I found a used Attesa pump for 150 USD shipped that looked in very good condition. I haven’t had the time to test the switch and find it’s activating pressure.
  6. Lol haha yeah agreed but yeah no I wasn’t going to use epoxy anyway. I just realized from being a mechanic that I’ve seen similar sensors leak into the wiring tracing all the way up to the plug. So either way it will leak somehow. BK I think I may have found a replacement switch actually I just need to do a little more research but it’s from the same company that originally supplies Nissan with Pressure sensors, switches, and solenoids. Going to check in the morning. I’m in the US so it’s 1am at the moment.
  7. I’m not new to forums. like I said... I have a bunch of tools at hand. I have researched google, forums, even nissans parts database(through a friend who works parts at Nissan) and also nissans system says “if leaking at switch replace system” and it gives me the part to the whole thing. I just need the switch like I said. If you can’t seem to find it don’t bust my balls ive been looking for the past 48 hours.
  8. I’m just looking to find a replacement pressure switch itself. Lol correction on that I have have used epoxy to seal an air line for my bags. Rubbed a hole in the line and nothing was open to get a replacement all I had was epoxy and sealed the air lines hole. Got me through a 3 hour drive back home. That line reached about 98psi at most.
  9. Ok it’s a pressure switch. Thank you find me the part number for that pressure switch then if you think it’s such an easy find. I’ve tried but all I keep getting is the whole unit with no replacement. The only replacement parts on the atessa I’ve found is the accumulator. I wouldn’t have posted otherwise
  10. I’ll try that I have some epoxy and sealant. After it’s cures I’ll run the pump on bleed mode see if continues to leak. Im just hoping it won’t grenade the black cover since it does have pressure on the other side
  11. How would you repair this sensor? I don’t think it’s repairable. I know for sure it works it’s just leaking.
  12. Hello everyone! i know I’m new to the site but I need some help. I dropped my differential to get to the atessa and found the leak at the wiring of the pressure sensor/switch. does Anyone know if this is a sensor or a switch? If a sensor, has anyone tried switch it with an oil pressure sensor or anything that might work as a replacement? i can’t find a replacement and looking at nissans parts catalog and countless researching I don’t think you can buy it separately. I also had no luck on researching suitable replacements.
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