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  1. haha I appreciate the offer man but because this car came with no evidence at all of any work that was done to it, i'd rather go to a place where I can get a tax invoice to show for it. Thanks anyways legend 👍
  2. Where did you order the bearings from?
  3. I guess it was more the reviews on their business that made me believe them, didn't expect someone with such good reviews to be so overpriced lol. I don't doubt that their work is good, but price-wise I think I will go elsewhere.
  4. yeah seems like it now.. Thought I could trust someone who says they have worked as a mechanic in Japan, says they specialise in Jap imports and actually sources parts through their Japanese business to not rip me off, considering the experience they have. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone to go to in Sydney? I'm from around Bankstown, so anywhere closeish to me (an hour away max) would be awesome.
  5. Well he said that the bushes were 'broken', and then he said the whole control arms need replacing. The cars steering pulls pretty badly to the left, is this a symptom of that?
  6. Hi all. Recently had my 350GT (purchased 2 months ago) serviced and was told I had the following issues with approx. prices to have them fixed: * Rear brake pads (estimated approximately $180) * Inoperative high mount stop lamp (estimated approximately $250 repaired/ approximately $190 second-hand) * Front lower control arms (estimated approximately $800 for both sides) * Worn rear sway bar links (estimated approximately $250 for both sides) * Worn rear wheel bearings (estimated approximately $1100 for both sides) How are the prices on these? They seem excessive but just wanted someone with knowledge to validate it for me. Cheers!
  7. Thanks! Yeah ordered both from the US which was the longest process as it took a little longer than I anticipated, but it turned out looking so much nicer than the metra kit conversions. I'm more than happy with how I went about it.
  8. So I had it installed today by the guys at Lifestyle Store in Parramatta. I am extremely happy with how it turned out and how much better it sounds. They were able to make it flush with the JDM facia and were able to route the USB conveniently into the centre console. Avi looked after me really well and actually has the exact same car so was very familiar with my concerns and was able to work well with what was needed. Was stoked they were able to keep the OEM nav pop up too. Images below:
  9. Thanks Paul, I've rang around a lot places in my area and a lot of them don't have experience doing them, but are happy to give it a shot. I've read places like Strathfield audio and autobarn don't do the best jobs, but i've found a few places on gumtree who are willing to do it for a good price and who's work looks satisfactory. Hopefully someone can recommend a place in Sydney that they know has the experience with it.
  10. After more research, i've figured out that this is the part I will need. Can anyone recommend any places to do the install in Sydney? I am no where near capable enough to install this myself and want someone who has experience in installing these. I have the Bose system, Is there anything else I'll need other than what I list below?: OEM Double din kit Car Media player PAC ROEM-NIS2 Cheers.
  11. Hi all, I'm a new member here and a new owner of a 2003 350GT Coupe (Absolutely love it). I wanted to upgrade the seemingly outdated Bose system to a double din system. I've read over multiple threads and don't really understand what parts I need (Shroud etc) as I see many different shrouds and am unsure as to which one will fit my car. Would this one fit and match the colour of the silver 2003 350GT? https://conceptzperformance.com/nissan-jdm-double-din-conversion-kit-titanium-silver-infiniti-g35-03-04-sedan-coupe-v35-27500-am5kt_p_3413.php#description Is someone able to list other parts that I would need to complete the upgrade with possible links by any chance? My Father has a friend living in Japan who imports cars to Australia, so I could always get him to source something for me as long as I gave him the part I needed which is where I need your help. Thanks heaps. Jacob.
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