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  1. Also per the manual, not sure if it applies to when you're using a Link ECU, you should disconnect your TPS while syncing your timing.
  2. That image of your tune looks like that's the tools for locking your timing to 10 btdc when you're syncing your ignition timing. You should be locking your ignition timing to 15 btdc and adjusting the timing until the ignition timing on your tuner matches the ignition timing you see using your timing gun.
  3. I had this issue when I first swapped an RB25 into my gts-t. Check your starter signal wire, and also replaced the wire going from my battery to the starter, started right up.
  4. In that case I might look into the box to the rear tower strut bar with a latch over the top. Thanks for the note.
  5. Hey Guys, I've seen quite a few different ways to mount a battery in the trunk but a lot of them involved welding or drilling holes into the chassis itself so I did a little experiment to see if there was a method that was non permanent (at least the battery mounting part). I started by cutting out a piece of plywood using the trunk carpet as a stencil. Then I started making a box. Since I didn't have a welder I used two different methods. For one piece I cut out a piece of metal and bent it into a U shape to make the bottom and two of the sides. Then I cut out one side and created a few 90 degree brackets and riveted them to hold one side. The other side I wanted to see if it would be easier to just make another U and rivet that on. After the box was assembled the rest was pretty easy. I drilled holes from the box into the wood, through the carpet to where I wanted to mount it. I also put a layer of foam on the bottom of the wood and countersunk screws to keep the bottom as smooth as possible. Test fit the battery. (Note: I had to cut the wood in half to get the whole thing into the trunk.) Put a foam sheet at the bottom of the box to protect the bottom of the battery from the hardware sticking up. I'll probably revisit this to make the wood a little more sturdy but here is the end product. (The extra hole was from before I put the foam in, I thought I needed it to feed the wire through lol) Not my best work putting the box together. I'll definitely re make the box to make it more aesthetically pleasing, maybe paint it.
  6. It was installed by a previous owner. I just kept it on cause it helps route the pipe properly to my radiator. I actually ended up routing all the water lines going from the plenum together into a fitting at the top of my radiator. The instructions that came with the kit weren't super clear on how to route those but don't route it to your coolant overflow or else you'll just constantly overflow and spill coolant everywhere. Also be aware you'll have to change out your clutch master cylinder. The stock one (at least on the r32 GTS-T) has the clutch line running down and it will hit the plenum making it nearly impossible to install. I went ahead and grabbed a Infiniti g35 cylinder and drilled the threads out to mount it and got a custom steel braided line to replace the old hard line. Also the reservoir is ina remote location now. Probably gonna upgrade to a wilwood at some point.
  7. Well I’m glad you got a good laugh out of this but unless I’m remembering wrong I actually asked if anyone knew the size/ thread pitch. Thank you for your input tho, sorry for wasting your time.
  8. Awesome, Thanks. I guess I just kept using the wrong search term. I kept looking up heater core block fitting or anything like that and all I could find were threads for deleting the heater core. Didn’t know this was the proper name. Much appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the reply guys. I finally got this thing installed and you were right about the fittings and the throttle body. Ended up going for a new throttle body and spent about a week going to and from my hydraulic/pneumatics shop getting the right fittings. Here's the end product. Cheers Guys.
  10. Hey Guys, After a week of trying to find a coolant leak I found it. It's leaking from the rear water fitting on my RB25DET. I've been searching to find the size of this fitting but couldn't really find anything. I don't have the time to remove it and go to a shop with the fitting because I don't have a personal lift to keep the car on while I hunt for this fitting. Does anyone know the actual size of it? Here's a picture for reference. Cheers Guys.
  11. Hey Guys, I'm starting my latest project which is installing a Plazmaman Full Billet Intake Manifold for my S2 RB25DET in my R32 GTS-T. has anybody else had any experience with this? I guess what I'm really asking about is the plumbing. Coolant and Fuel is simple enough but what about all the vacuum lines all over the stock manifold? Would I just be rerouting all that stuff to the vacuum port on the bottom side? I'm also running a MAP sensor so what do you guys think the best place to tap it into? Any advice is appreciated, Cheers guys.
  12. Hey guys, Recently got into a sticky situation with my car and I'm in the need of new corner lights. The thing with my GTS-T is the previous owner put on the GTR hood, grill, headlights, and bumper. I can't really tell if the fenders and corner lights have been converted so I'm not sure if I should be looking for GTR or GTS-T Indicators. Here's a pic for reference. Also has anybody seen or heard of anybody besides ZLED that converts corner lights to LEDs like this?
  13. Or if you can tell me the things I need to do to put in an AWD RB25Det. I just don’t know if: 1. All I have to do is modify just the oil sump 2.If I’d be able to just slap on a RWD RB25 sump
  14. Hey guys, recently had a problem with my Rb20 in my R32 Gtst and rather than buying another rb20 I’m trying to find a RWD RB25 but all I can find are either awd or neo RB25 with the transmission. I don’t want to go through the hassle of modifying an AWD rb25. I’m just looking for an engine that hasn’t been stripped so I can just do the necessary swaps and drop it in. Any help is very much appreciated.
  15. Hey guys you can call me Rim, Bought myself an R32 GTs-T while working in Hawaii and slowly learning to do everything maintenance/modifying wise myself since you can’t really trust and shops in Hawaii and parts are near impossible to find on island. Hope we can all get along.
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