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  1. Well been busy doing other cars but finally got rego this week. Didn’t need to much, got knocked back on wiper blades, headlights and rear upper arms. Funny thing was I went to pick up my son from school and a police car saw me from a distance. He had to put his lights on to get through the traffic to catch up to me. Sitting at some traffic lights he ducked in behind me, so I turned at the lights and gave it a squirt up to 60km. He follow quickly so I changed lanes, he pulled along side of me and looked at me. The disappointment on he face was priceless. I think he was hoping to find some young P plater without P’s on but got some old grey haired guy. The car drives really well, just some cosmetics to fix and it’s a nice cruiser that steps out sideways quite easy.
  2. Looking for 2 x R32 GT-R factory wheels
  3. Everything cleaned out, fresh fuel, new coils, new pump and lines. Primed up, gave it a crank and it started first go. Idled perfect and took it for a little drive, ran good. Need to bleed the brakes next. Then look to see about a blue slip
  4. Pulled the pump out today and that might be another problem. The hose is spong and melted. The tank will come out for a proper clean out and inspection. Coil harness arrived too so it might be able to be cranked over on the weekend.
  5. Thanks should have one in a couple of days Picked up an original air box for rego as well
  6. Well got a bit of time and the new splitfire coils arrived. I picked up some new spark plugs too. It seems the harness is completely stuffed. I also got the injectors cleaned and flow tested. Everything I touch falls apart so I have been replacing lots of rubber lines and working out what they do. Need to clean out the fuel tank next, when I bought it the guy said something about the baffles have been taken out, there is a ding in the bottom of the tank and I guess that has knocked them loose. I will look for another I think and give it a clean inside and out. Put a new pump in. I have changed the fuel lines and fuel filter up front already.
  7. Yes Waiting on some new Splitfire coils and will check the harness too. My friends keep laughing at me as they tell me it’s a P platers car. I’m suppose to be having a mid life crisis or something. I don’t understand what they are saying, so I open the boot and out comes the sub and amps. Don’t understand big systems in cars. Cars are for driving not listening to music. Don’t get me wrong music is good but engine noise is better.
  8. Looking for a stock Airbox for my R32 gtst.. let me know if you have one or know where I might be able to find one
  9. Pulled the coils off today to have a look and do a compression test. Compression was all 150 with one just over 140 so that’s fine. The fuel/cylinders smell like lacquer so that might need attention too. One of the coils doesn’t look good either. I will have to look into some new coils, I’m going to change the ECU anyway, might need to to do that a bit early now.
  10. Thanks I’ll look into it for sure, if it makes more sense I will go that way. As for torque i don’t know what that is, my other cars are NA rotarys. I took the roof spoiler off(not my style)
  11. Hi All, Newby to Nissans thought I would try something different and later model to what I usually do. I’m an old dude in NSW who loves cars (any type of motorsport car is a good car). I drove a brand new GTR around Amaroo when I was younger and they are awesome cars. I’ve gone 2wd just to get to know the car a bit better and will probably look for a GTR maybe at a later date. I like building with stock style but with hidden extras and doing some laps every so often. So I bought this car through the forum and the car is perfect for what I want at the moment. RB20 for the moment, it might stay we will see. I’m not chasing big power but depends when I check the compression and weigh up where to spend some money. Got to find some parts and get rego.
  12. Sorry about that Hills, Sydney Au
  13. Hi All, I’m new to Nissans, well I have never owned one but have driven a few. Looking for a R32 to fix up/restore, gtst to start with. Been restoring older 70s cars but want to do something a bit newer. Like to do some home pannel beating and will start a build thread when I find something.
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