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  1. Mines ECUs are kind of notorious for blowing up engines, the Japanese get pretty high quality gas compared to most of the world so they haven't really validated knock maps or anything like that.
  2. https://www.nzefi.com/product/nissan-r35-gtr-mass-air-flow-meter-upgrade-kit/ R35 MAFs are known to be good, just size the tube it's in appropriately for your power goals.
  3. The next step is Nistune. Don't faff about, if you want it to work properly you need to recalibrate the MAF curve.
  4. You might be able to go a little higher like 3500 rpm, just stay out of boost. 8000 RPM is OEM redline so I would really hope it is built to take it.
  5. Don't bounce off the rev limiter, do a gentle warm-up of the engine, wait ~5-10 seconds for idle to stabilize after cold start and don't exceed ~50% throttle or 3000 RPM until coolant is over 70C.
  6. BMW M4 isn't much to write home about, promise. On paper it's an excellent car in practice the steering is numb, the exhaust sounds like a lawnmower, everything requires BMW ISTA (battery replacement, all of the maintenance functions in each control module are locked behind ISTA), the S55 also likes to spin crank hubs with no truly vetted solution out there yet in addition to leaking charge coolers and charge pipes that split, the hood is also very tall for ped safety so you need to either sit high up in the car to see the end of the hood or it's just really difficult to judge distance in parking lots.
  7. Tomei is extremely loud. If you plan on driving any substantial highway driving you will probably regret it. I would get rid of the HKS intakes for a stock airbox ASAP, this is the stuff those green mushrooms let in: http://mkiv.com/techarticles/filters_test/2/index.htmlbkbk
  8. Frankly if you're struggling with installing pods my advice is don't. Most pod filters don't do much for power and a lot of them have poor filtration.
  9. Does it just need main 12V supply to be able to flash? Maybe they should sell a connector that allows you to connect a small motorcycle battery to power the ECU without connecting to the rest of the car.
  10. If you have a competent tuner this should be fixed pretty easily. If you intend to drive this car on the street after you get the tune to a good state where you're pretty confident it won't nuke catalytic converters I would put the catalytic converter back in. Exhaust contains a non-trivial amount of carbon monoxide, if you have any kind of exhaust leak under the car it's going to seep into the cabin whenever you stop at traffic lights.
  11. Your idle is probably ok, just make sure your AFR target is correct. You want to idle at stoichiometric AFR to keep the catalytic converter functional. If the wideband is further back in the exhaust it's likely getting some fresh air on it which causes false lean. Also revving like that at low load in neutral means you are not building any boost. You should not be dropping down to 11:1 AFR like that. Back up your current map and duplicate it, then zero out your transient fuel tables and see if the same issue occurs. If it goes away then the problem is your transient fuel settings, if it remains it's your main fueling table in near zero load situations. Or take a data log on your current map and see how much transient fueling the ECU is adding/removing. When you revved up high and then released the throttle at the end the behavior of the wideband was normal. That was the DFCO kicking in for a little bit and fuel injection cutting out briefly. Disable DFCO in the engine map and see if the same behavior occurs again, it probably won't.
  12. My view on emissions is that CO2 is a way bigger problem that one lone individual cannot really solve. You can avoid using plastic bags, straws, buying endless piles of trash that you never use, drive an EV, etc... but it doesn't even come close to helping the problem, not when the rainforest is being slashed and burned in south america for agriculture. They use the land for a few growing seasons then it's on to the next plot to slash and burn. But stuff like unburned oil spraying out your atmo vent catch can or exhaust PCV system is getting into your water, it's getting into the roadways and causes extremely slick surfaces when it rains
  13. Any thoughts on the Tarmac Solutions air oil separator? Supposedly uses the dipstick as a ghetto crankcase vent.
  14. Is the crankcase vent used because an excess of oil is pushing out of the valve cover into the PCV? The 80+ page thread is just dizzying amounts of back and forth. If the issue is just a lot of oil coming out of the PCV I would wonder if an air oil separator draining back to crankcase is a decent enough bandaid solution to avoid pulling the engine to install a proper crankcase vent.
  15. I dunno about you but I find the Skyline GT-Rs to be surprisingly refined. With the R34 they were definitely trying to go for more refinement, easier to drive, etc. The R35 only continues the trend. If anything the R35's native NVH is a little worse because of the V6, they just muffle and dampen everything to be what you expect from a modern car. I would say if OP is really, really obsessed with getting as little noise as possible the only choice is to use a new OEM dual mass flywheel and an upgraded single plate like mentioned in this thread. If he's willing to compromise a little with the dual plate chatter then ATS silent twin plate. If he's ok with some of this noise then Coppermix twin or ATS twin plate. This is the stuff we're talking about though:
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