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  1. Are you trying to have fun or win? Best Evo 9 time attack I've seen: Best BNR32: I think it's probably indisputable that the BNR32 has less potential as a platform. You will have to do a lot to the chassis, it's floppy, poor aero out of the box, the stock suspension geometry isn't very good, the engine has really poor oil control, needs a ton of cooling compared to other engines, etc....
  2. https://www.gtrusablog.com/2020/03/itb-vs-single-throttle-individual.html https://forum.miata.net/vb/showthread.php?t=673598
  3. The turbo business itself is fine, the problem is actually with all the random cruft that Honeywell tacked onto Garrett to spin off the transportation systems division. Stuff like Bendix brake components because they used to have asbestos in the brake pads.
  4. GM automatics are pretty horrendous in performance cars, they basically ruin the car so I don't know why you'd want one in something sporty. Corvettes are good to drive, but until the C7 the quality of stuff like interiors has always been somewhere between mediocre and horrendous. When a 350Z has better interior quality than a C5 Z06 things are bad. The C6 was similarly bad. Seats shouldn't rock back and forth on acceleration/braking. Every reviewer here for decades has had to grade GM cars on a curve, "good for GM". The C8 is the first car that doesn't have to be reviewed in the context of "good for GM". That's why people are not really hyping these cars up as the end all be all. The audience for a 300k USD R34 GT-R has more in common with the air cooled 911 crowd than the average Corvette buyer.
  5. Yeah, that's fair. But the C8 is ultimately a very different kind of car, DCT-only. I think that's pretty apples and oranges.
  6. I know this is hard to believe, but even a dirty old Datsun has better interior than a Corvette: https://youtu.be/kuPxSvKGcGY?t=92
  7. If you have an oscilloscope you can see the serial signal.
  8. Actual source here. Grade 4.5B, Nur Sport engine installed by Omori Factory, oil filter relocation, TE37s, aftermarket exhaust, pods, aluminum cooling panel, aftermarket double DIN head unit. So definitely modified, but not to Clubman Racer levels of modified.
  9. VR TT is pretty normal for cars these days. Nissan should probably consider relocating battery to rear as well to get a bit more room. The 86 competitor is never coming, the 510 concept was it. They could probably do a "Silvia" by doing a sort of Z 2+2 with a 2L turbo I4.
  10. The new Z car would be a good compromise for commuting and maybe some track work. I wouldn't get it as a weekend car like an R33 GTR.
  11. Nissan already has the 6 speed, VR30DDTT, FM platform. Personally I think they would be nuts to ask more than 70k AUD. They can afford to undercut the Supra in price a little.
  12. The concern that these cars might go overseas is overblown, IMO. Japan has been re-importing 510s and S30s from the US for a while now as many of the clean chassis' still left are in desert states like Arizona. At the end of the day the vast majority of the stock is in the hands of private ownership in Japan. It's up to those owners whether they want to keep the car or sell it. Selling it necessarily implies that the car could go overseas, that's just the reality of seeking profit. If owners in Japan don't want to see the car exported they shouldn't sell their cars. Can't have your cake and eat it too.
  13. I think it looks good and Hiroshi Tamura so far has not been the type to say misleading things like Tetsuya Tada to try and sell cars. So when he says the car will be more focused on feel and balance I'm more inclined to believe him. As for the actual design I do think it could use some cleaning up. The grille really does seem unfinished, I have a feeling they will do some refinements before launch. This looks fairly production-ready though, the car still looks like an FM platform car and will probably weigh like 1500 kg.
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