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  1. Standard oil pump, road. 1.5 mm rear which was factory in mine, block centre and left vvt also, sorry to hear about your mum.
  2. Did exactly what it says on the table. Have you always been a flamin mongrel or do you still have bits of your mum stuck to you from birth?
  3. Learnt my lesson mate, only have spool pump gears and a collar so no need for a restriction at all..
  4. Well, I'm a bit pissed off.. Took advice from this page re oil restrictors in the head feeds and blocked the centre one... It now gets progressively louder lifters from 5K rpm onwards.. My tuner said never use other than the factory restrictors with hydraulic lifters.. Lesson learnt, don't believe everything you read on this page...
  5. Well.... Dyno just finished on my forged rb25det build. Fitted a blanking plug on the centre hole and left the other 2. It now has noisy lifters above 5K rpm and gets worse as it revs. Oil pressure is spot on. My tuner said to never use restrictors in a hydraulic lifter head as he has seen this before... Lesson learnt, never take advice from this page without discussing with professionals.... FFS....
  6. I lived in Adelaide for 6 years and an rb25det r33 was the first thing I bought as they were about 10K cheaper than Australia at the time, paid $14K and had 32,000km on her
  7. Just did this on my rb25det, dyno tomorrow morning
  8. Thanks mate, lot of hours gone into her. Owned it 18 years and was a bare shell 3 months ago. Did all the work myself.
  9. Almost finished the build on my r33. HRC40RS, Toyota coils, 1000cc injectors, Ross pistons, Scat rods, full stud kit, Link ECU. Dyno tomorrow morning...
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