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  1. Thanks, I'll have to reset my timing. I put it to 20. The car is running much better now with the new coil packs, plugs, tps and iacv set
  2. 15 degrees is the proper timing for the rb20? I heard was 20 degrees? I'm going to retime the car this weekend as well after my coil pack conversion is done. So basically the O2 sensor would have no bearing effect on the idle of my car? I'm horrible when it comes to electrical.. So excuse me if I'm understanding things wrong here. Thank you for the help
  3. Thank you very much that makes sense! Thank for the pinout will help with future guys doing the swap as well as my self! Yes great answered many questions with that.
  4. So did some diagnosing. Everything is checking out perfect. We had a scan tool to monitor everything and the tps is working, iacv working, the only thing I'm unsure of is the O2 sensor. Also I'm going to coil pack convert the car this weekend so that should solve any misfire I have I believe. But the idle hunt is still there. Now I got it to the point it will idle very well, but when I rev it a couple times the car will then drop the idle to 500 or less and struggle to stay alive.
  5. Sounds simple. I'll give it a shot and then pull the codes after work today. Thank you!
  6. ok great, is it a direct wire to wire? i cant find any info on that, do you normally just splice togther? if you know which wires need spliced would be great info for the thread
  7. Sounds simple. I'll give it a shot and then pull the codes after work today. Thank you!
  8. Hi guys, been reading up on this as I have now bought some of these echo coil packs. I want to do this swap in mt rb20. Do I bypass the ignitor? If so how can this be done? Also is the wiring for the coils the same as rb25?
  9. I believe it is an old code but I don't know how to reset the ecu. I removed my neg battery cable and let it sit for a minute but didn't help. It has been doing this since I owned my car. About a year. One thing I haven't done is clean the throttle body. Maybe that's next
  10. OK sorry didn't understand. Now I got it. So what you are saying is I should be able to adjust it forward till it idles ok then test?
  11. OK so you don't feel like this is a wiring issue? I mean the tps is brand new and as far as I know setting it to 0.48 is all it should need to be done. I did clean my iacv but it won't adjust idle. I'll screw it either way and doesn't affect anything. I unplugged the tps while I did it.
  12. Hey guys. Been scouting these forms for months since I got my car last year. I'm in Alberta Canada but this seems to be the best forum for info. Anyhow, I have a. 1989 r32 gtst with the rb20det, fmic, rb25 turbo, walbro 255, blitz intake and bov delete. It will not idle when warm. The car will stall coming to red lights after the rpm drop almost everytime. I have a brand new tps sensor in the car and I still get code 43 (tps code). So I'm wondering is this my issue? Does anyone have any idea what the voltage is supposed to be going into the tps? I have 5v at the 3 wire plug and 12v at the tps sensor it self. I set the tps to. 0.48 where it should be and still nothing. I watched the voltage go up smoothly with the throttle all the way to wot (car off, ignition on) it reads 4.08v. My iicv will not help adjusting my idle either.. Also while I'm revving the car. I'll hold and maintain idle at 3k or 4k whatever I tried it at it sounds like a misfire Is also happening. I have brand new plugs in the car so I'm certain it's not that. It boosted fine last summer with no hesitation or missing, (haven't been able to drive it since because of winter here). What do you all think it is? Clearly an issue at the tps or something. Thank you all for the help on this, I hope to have this solved rather quick. I do plan to swap some Toyota echo coil packs in very shortly too, if anyone has some info on wiring that would be appreciated too!
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