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  1. Any reason why?? Different size or flow etc? Can't find any rb25de injectors for sale
  2. I'm after new injectors for my S1 25de and wondering if 25det injectors will fit, work and possibly get a tiny bit more power?
  3. Just bought a S1 M spec front bar with no indicators Asked old mate I brought it from if normal S1 indicator housings would fit the m spec bar and he was unsure nor can I find a real answer on the forums. Anyone able to shed some light?
  4. Bugger, all good thank you. Another quick question, would a FFP fit on an NA? I know there wouldn't be any power increase. Just looks
  5. Hey! Just bout my first NA skyline (P plates) and noticed she's as slow as a snail and has rough as guts idle. Wondering if A. A remap would help solve some of this issue aswell as get some power back B. Would a Nismo ecu or gtst aftermarket ecu be compatible with the NA?
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