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  1. Well thats gotta be good considering its big turbo with stock injectors, pump and tune right? Especially in the wagoon
  2. As these boys said. Just send it mart IMG_6872.MOV
  3. Hahaha relax boys i know its not good. Ive got an ecu waiting and tuned booked for next month but what 20 year old isnt going to get an external gate and use it? Lol just gauging how bad it is. I see now extremely bad hahaha wish i knew that before ripping on it all last night, luckily no issues but ill stop dad
  4. Morning all. Before we start, YES i know it is bad driving without a tune but just trying to gauge how bad just recently upgraded to atr43ss2 with wg45mm external gate on stock manifold. At the same time i deleted all the bs sensors at the rear of the rocker covers on neos just to clean things up a bit. Just wondering how bad itd be beating on the car running at 10psi with said mods? Car feels amazing and pulls decent, can definitely feel at times when it leans out and bogs but i pull out of it asap! Only live once right so send it?! IMG_6880.MP4
  5. Hey all! going from pink label to r35 maf when my stagea goes for a tune. Running nistune. just wondering if i should go through the extra effort of wiring the maf into cooler piping or put it in the 4 inch intake? Car will have no BOV and max flutter so not sure if thatll affect it. expanding on that! If in either location where in the piping should the sensor go?
  6. Trying to start a new thread for the RS owners as there is barely any support on SAU about what fits what and what fits where... Spent hours trying to find info on what interchangeable parts there are for rwd stageas and sort of found that S14/15 and R33/34 fit but they don't?? Read up on some people having luck and others not with the use of these arms Wondering if any stagea gods could share their knowledge on which adjustable arms fit factory rwd stageas S1/2? On the fence to buy R34 rear camber arms currently
  7. hello once again anyone out there got a english translated spec sheet from nissan or even home made that passed for a rs4/rs. about to buy a rs but willing to do a cheeky photoshop to pass the rs someone PLEEAASSEEE help asap
  8. Hey wagoneers About to get an absolute steal on a RSV stag and just sorting out P plate exemptions and what not in Qld BUT, having some back and forths with a few people saying rs V dosent fall under 125kw/t even tho it's 123kw/t Also just wondering where the hell and who the hell I'd ask or find a power spec sheet from Nissan for the exemption? If anyone has one that'd be greatly appreciated
  9. Any reason why?? Different size or flow etc? Can't find any rb25de injectors for sale
  10. I'm after new injectors for my S1 25de and wondering if 25det injectors will fit, work and possibly get a tiny bit more power?
  11. Just bought a S1 M spec front bar with no indicators Asked old mate I brought it from if normal S1 indicator housings would fit the m spec bar and he was unsure nor can I find a real answer on the forums. Anyone able to shed some light?
  12. Bugger, all good thank you. Another quick question, would a FFP fit on an NA? I know there wouldn't be any power increase. Just looks
  13. Hey! Just bout my first NA skyline (P plates) and noticed she's as slow as a snail and has rough as guts idle. Wondering if A. A remap would help solve some of this issue aswell as get some power back B. Would a Nismo ecu or gtst aftermarket ecu be compatible with the NA?
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