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  1. I'm always up for suggestions! Agreed though, I could always get it together and see how it runs once its tuned and sorted out. and if it lags too much, look into some other options. I dont plan on racing at a track or anything...just something to enjoy on the road.
  2. youre really going to make me second guess the turbo now hahaha. i'm going to do some research. I'm wayyyy over invested in this car as it is, so whats a little bit more to finish it off right.
  3. I had only decided on that because it was direct bolt on and I didnt feel like dealing with an exhaust shop having to custom fab any piping for me. Are there any bolt ons available for a gtx? I feel like the turbo is the only thing i didnt really go all out on because it was one of the first things i bought before i decided to get fully into it. its still brand new in the box...
  4. full rebuild to just refresh everything and then bolt on some good stuff. kinugawa bolt on turbo. fmic. r35 coils, r35 injectors, emu black ecu, front facing intake w/ ls drive by wire throttle body, 350z drive by wire pedal, tomei cams and adjustable gears. all the basics. I'm also completely removing hicas with an s13 subframe and all of gktech's adjustable arms, and added air ride.
  5. because when it was painted, they didnt do the engine bay so it didnt match. and then some quarter panel rust was coming back so I decided to get the overfenders to get rid of it...and then went wider front fenders, hood, bumper, and spoiler...so it all just needed to get done since I was pulling the motor too. I basically want it to be pretty much a brand new car when its back together and last another 25 years lol.
  6. Hahaha! Paint code is A54. I'm sure it goes by a few different names, but wanted to keep it a Nissan color. I wasn't a fan of the AH3. Too dark and gloomy for me.
  7. I actually was thinking of replacing all of the heat and ac components that I can come across to make sure its good for another 25 years!
  8. Fenders and overfenders fitted up. Now just waiting on my hood and bumper to be delivered so they can finish up.
  9. Body shop thought maybe I should get some louvers haha. Waiting on my hood and front bumper to arrive so they can finish prepping for paint.
  10. Stripped down to nothing. Can't wait to dig into putting her back together! There is some fun stuff piled up...
  11. Decided to have my calipers rebuilt and powdercoated to match the car.
  12. Once the car was in my hands, I needed to get rid of those dated RPF1's. I know they are a favorite of most of the car community but they just aren't my taste. Went with a set of 18x9 +30 Aodhan LS007's on 245/35 BF Goodrich G-Force T/A KDW's. I love the aggressive tread pattern.
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