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  1. oh shit...I'm guessing that immediately says that's a bad idea. Glad I mentioned it, and glad you asked the question!
  2. That $325 was including shipping. One guy quoted me $420 just for shipping so that seemed like a steal to me lol. There are others listed for $500 plus freight. This is USD btw. Only reason I was going to get some LCA's was to get a set powder coated with my other arms before I put the whole assembly together. If there's no real benefit, I'll just see if I can find a cheap oem set instead of grabbing some nismo's. Speedtek Racing will apparently take a cd009 bellhousing and adapt it to fit the RB's with no adapter needed. I recently came across this option and was going to look into it more. See picture below. And then I was going to get the gktech shifter relocation kit to pull the shifter forward closer to oem location.
  3. Thanks man! I am going to put a build thread up soon, but for now, you can check out my instagram if you want @kaiju_r32
  4. I was looking for an s14 but couldnt find anything local and the money people wanted for shipping was insane. I picked up that s13 frame for $325 shipped to my door. Which was just a little more than a true hicas delete kit (which was basically what I was after). But after watching one of Adam LZ's youtube videos of him doing up an s13 frame for his gtst and having it powder coated with all new arms, I decided I would do the same and freshen it up back there. As far as the diff and axles go, thats great information. I was thinking about a tomei 1.5 or 2 way, so I'll just look into going that route and see how it goes. I appreciate the info man!
  5. I scored a great deal on an S13 rear subframe and decided I'm going to build this up completely on the side and swap it out when I'm done with it. I already purchased gktech reinforcement plates, solid bushings, and adjustable traction rods, toe arms, and camber arms. Was thinking of just getting a set of nismo lower control arms to complete the assembly. Now I am trying to figure out the best route to upgrade the axles. I was thinking of getting a tomei lsd but wanted to make sure that if I just got one that was for my car, that I would be able to upgrade the axles as well. If that's not an option, what do you guys recommend for a diff/axle swap that would work well on the gtst? I saw some things about q45 diffs and z32 axles but there was so much conflicting information that it was hard to follow. So I started my own discussion. This will mostly be for street but we do have some drift events that I may try out now and then. I also plan on putting in a cd009 with a solid aluminum driveshaft so if changing to a different diff is a recommendation, I can get the driveshaft made to suit. I am currently building my RB20 to have some fun and will probably get my hands on a neo at some point to completely build on the side and swap that out later. That's kind of the reason for building up the rear now so that that part is done when the time comes. Any info or constructive feedback is appreciated!
  6. Loving my R32 GTST. I've had it for about a year now and am about to really get into the build, which brings me here! I'm here because the Aussies seem to be the best wealth of knowledge for skyline ownership, getting good info in the states is hit or miss!
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