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  1. Checking the tune I wasn’t sure if shit could get outta whack or anything. The timing I wasn’t sure if you could use a light or not as I’ve read a few things mentioning that a light wouldn’t work for some reason. As for running rich all I’ve done so far is plugs, coils and had to replace maf sensor cos that kacked itself. Not sure if any of those would help tho. Cher’s for your reply
  2. Hey team. Bit of a noob question. I have to take my 34 to an auto sparky to get a couple of bits n pieces sorted out. Ive notice that the car seems to run a bit sluggish and smells a bit rich. I used to have an S14 which was also only an NA 2L auto but that seemed to have a lot more go than my 34. would checking the tune/ timing etc be something they would do or would that be more of a mechanic thing. cheers in advance.
  3. Hey everyone. Just after opinions. Im building a 25DET to put into my 34. Now I know a 25 big box would be the obvious choice but just wondering if a 20det box would be sufficient. I’m not a drifter or someone that’s going to be ripping rubber every time I go to the dairy so just curious if a 20det would cope. Also ive looked into the D22 navara boxes. Apparently they are the same internally ie ratios etc. has anyone heard of these being used and what alterations would be needed to bolt up. Cheers in advance
  4. Cheers mate will do. Yeah if you could send me those link it would be great. Thanks
  5. Hey team. I have recently bought a broken RB25 that I’m going to rebuild to replace my 20DE neo in my 34. It has 75T stamped on the block and head. From research I have found it’s out of a 33 but have various results whether it’s a DE or a DET. Did Nissan use the same block and head for both and if so how do I tell what I have and if a DE what changes would I have to make to convert to +T. Thanks in advance
  6. Cheers mate. recently bought a consult and plugged that in. Came up with 15 faults for maf sensor and one for knock sensors but says 0 starts in brackets??? so got me a second hand maf and I cleaned out the throttle body while I had the piping apart. That was filthy. All seems to be going well now. I’m going to hunt down the knock sensors to see if they are properly connected and the wiring is in good condition as from what I’ve read the sensors are pretty bullet proof. And I’m wondering if the 0starts means it isn’t picking them up but not sure.
  7. Cheers. Will have to look into that then. As I’ve pretty much done all the same swap outs you had done. Plugs, coils, air filter replaced a few cracked vacuum hoses all to no avail. Was just about ready to pull the maf apart to look at solder joints but might check the cas first
  8. Did the navara box bolt straight up or did you have to swap out bell housing
  9. Did you ever find the cause. I have a similar issue with my 34 20de neo. Did it also randomly stall at idle
  10. Cheers mate. are you talking inside the sensor electrical box or inside the actual sensor where the hot wire is.
  11. Hey all. I have an R34 with a 20de neo..... I know😭. Any way. I’m having issues with idle fluctuations and randomly stalling. I’ve replaced plugs and coils to no avail. I have tested the maf signal output which was reading quite high fsm says at idle should be between 1.1 and 1.4 V from memory but mines running at around 2 - 2.2V at idle. I cleaned it with the proper maf cleaner but no change. Only info I could find was regarding low voltage but not high. Any thoughts. Now this is my daily runner atm and I’m just trying to keep it ticking along for now. I have a 25DE engine and trans from a 33 in the shed that I’m going to rebuild and +T but that could take a while so just need to keep the car running till then
  12. Makes sense. So what I’m looking at is if can I get hold of all the required bits and bobs ( controllers etc ) will they mate up with a standard trans or is there some internal differences. Cheers for the reply
  13. Hey team. I have a 20DE neo with factory auto. I have recently bought an R33 25DE and standard auto trans. Just wondering if I could run it as a tiptronic if I got the standard shifters out of a 34 or is the transmission different. cheers
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