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  1. Updated mods: Precison 6466 Gen 2 1.01ar Ats triple plate carbon clutch Custom 1.5in runner manifold with billet merge 1650cc bosch injectors Taarks surge tank with twin walbro 460lph Twin 40mm turbosmart gen v wastegates Results: 502kw on 100 octane 24psi 620kw on E85 on 31psi
  2. Finally got the car tuned today, well kinda of full tune on 100 octane made 502rwkw on 24psi and 616rwkw on 31psi with E60. More to go tomorrow as we will bump it up to E85 and maybe a few more psi
  3. Another update this week, titanuim arrive so the fabricators got it all welding up today. Plumbed up all the piping and everything is bleed and ready for tune.
  4. @Shoota_77 i know what you mean about the BMW, i owned a 2015 Mercedes ML63 with AMS tune, 720hp and 1000nm. Started everytime, massaging seats and all the gadgets, but got bored very quickly sonsold it and now have a money pit but well worth it.
  5. Wow @Shoota_77 ive just spent the last 2 daya reading your build, absolutely mega awesome that you have done everthing yourself! Can wait to see the results.
  6. Kelford 264/272, that was on 100 .octane as well tho.
  7. Yea super stoked with the quality of work as well, cant wait to see how it goes with long runners and 1.5" tubing
  8. After driving the car for 3 months the front turbo decided it had enough and blew, so now i had 2 choices, replace the turbo with a 2nd one or go single. Not wanting to risk blowing another 2nd hand turbo as they are getting on in age the decision was to go single. After a few nights of researching decided that precision 6466 was the way to go, next was manifold which was hard as they are all about the same price, so after talking to a few guys in the area and decided to keep the money locally and got a local fabricator to build up a manifold. I told the fabricator, i want something different from the streamlined manifold and after spending a few hours on the net. We decided billet and titanium would be very different. So we went with a billet T4 merge collector with 1.5" runners with twin wastegates, titanium downpipes and titanium screamers. With the fuelling now a possible issue, i upgraded to a surge tank in the boot as i had experienced fuel surge when i was under 1/2 tank, so gone with a surge tank with built in twin 460lph pumps and using my 460l intake as a lift pump.
  9. We stripped the motor down and confirm it had ran #2 bearing, and with bore already at 87mm with n1 pistons it was a no go. Part of the deal with the car was it came with a donor motor however #5 and #6 exhaust ports were oily so valve guides were on the way out. So with the motor out, i decided that it the best time to freshen the motor up, so dropped the motor down the the rebuilders had the following done: Supertec racing spline drive Tomei type b valve springs Kelford 264/272 cams Cylinder head ported to match gaskets CP pistons Spool Rods N1 Oil pump with inhouse porting With the motor back together we got the following accessories: Ross Performance harmonic balancer with trigger R35 GTR coil kit conversion 1000cc Bosch injectors 24 and 1 disc for CAS Being an ex japan car it had a chipped ecu, not wanting to risk it, i decided to go with a Link G4+ with all oil pressure, oil temp, fuel pressure and can lambda. We got the car tuned and on first tune after run in we made 425whp on 12psi. We ended up with the final figure of 565whp on 20psi.
  10. Hi all, Thought i would start a build thread with my car. Long story short, bought my car off a friend of mine after finding in Japan 3 years ago. It was built as a track car by JUN. After getting registered it had run a bearing after having all the oil trapped in the head. Car came with the following: Hks 256 cams 720cc injectors Z32 AFMs Tomei manifold Hks2530 ATS carbon twin plate R33 GTR gearbox Cusco 1 way front and Cusco 2 way rear lsd Ohlins race suspension with adjustable rebound 6pot endless 360mm front brakes 4pot ap racing 340mm rear brakes Kakimoto exhaust.
  11. Wellnit did go well haha, made 565hp@wheels on 20psi on 2530s, but the front turbo blew so currently converting tonsingle
  12. Hi all, Im Jeff from Christchurch, New Zealand. Bought my first R32 GTR April this year, long story short how i ended up with it. Found this GTR on a japanese auction 3 years ago but didnt have the money, at the same time another friend was in the market for one, so ended up buying it. It was built as track car by JUN so had a whole list of goodies. He ran a bearing and parked it up the the garage. Then finally i had freed up some cash and bought it and rebuilt it. Jeff
  13. I would also like to know as well, I'm based in NZ and spoke to one quite well regarded gearbox rebuilder told me that they are a cheaper than OS gearsets and have apparently improved alot over the last few years.
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