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  1. Sorry to hear about your experience, I got my gearset through Neat Gearboxes. There was a hold up of about 4 weeks due me wanting the 26 spline input shaft as there were none in stock. All up I think it has taken 7 weeks from putting in the order to it being built and fitted into the donor box
  2. Treated myself to a wee xmas present, my tuner had managed to score an awesome deal for the link dash, so i went for the 7" dash with the Mako dash mount to complete replace the stock cluster. It was a bit of a mission as the R32 ran a mechanical speedo drive, however friend of my had a spare s13 speedo drive the converts mechanical to digital. We are currently working out how to get the power steer to work, as i believe the original cluster used the mechanical speedo input to send a signal to the hicas ecu to feed power to the power steer. video-1606884470.mp4 video-1606883980.mp4
  3. Managed to track down some old school Bride Euro reclinables, they were pretty stiff to say the least but for $300 for the pair I could say no as my stock gtr seats are mint and didn’t want to ruin them. Got them reupholstered in alcantara (that stuff is $$$) new springs, cushions and strengthened bolsters. Now sitting on genuine bride rails
  4. i'm glad i went with the 6466, i did get offered a 6870 for only a few hundred dollars more at the time but decided it was too big for a street car. Friend of mine has the 6266 with a 1.01AR isnt really that much more responsive than the 6466 with a 1.01AR.
  5. Just had an update from Sam at Neat Gearboxes. Gearbox build is in its final assembly and will be shipped in the next few days. Pretty excited to say the least. Opted for the PAR straight cut synchro 1st-4th with stock 5th, PPG centre billet plate and upgraded 26 spline input shaft.
  6. Something weird has happend, when infirst start the car, i would have powersteering for about 3kms then steering would get heavy and stay like that until i start the car again.
  7. Hi All, I have recently changed my dash to one of Link's new digital dashes, managed to get the speedo and odometer working by using the S13 speedo sensor as they run a analog to digital converter and sends the signal to the ecu then onto the dash. My problem now though is that i feel like i have no power steer at low speeds, which i am guessing with the factory setup the speedo drive cable goes to the dash then from there sends a signal to the hicas pump( i have removed hicas) Unfortunately my mechanic isnt really too familiar with it so we are a bit stuck. Any ideas? im guessing in theory i need to get the speed signal to the hicas ecu? Regards Jeff
  8. Yea, the stock box really is a ticking time bomb. I did consider the PAR dogbox, but unfortunately not many people near where i live has a dogbox to kind of get an idea on what its like for a daily. At least i got a good deal with Sam, i could sell it and go dogbox later down the track. Another hard thing to justify going all out is we only have 6 drag meets a year, and after my last stint i am banned until i get a full cage.
  9. Surprisingly tho, my current stock box has no issues flat shifting at 9k rpm. I messaged Neat last week and the input shaft was getting heat treated, so once thats all done it shouldnt take too long. Fingers cross it will arrive here after new years, also opted for the OS centre billet plate as well.
  10. Hey @BKi opted for the synchro box as I still wanted a semi comfortable street car haha
  11. The gearbox is currently still getting built, just waiting on a few bits as i had opted for the GM 26 spline input shaft. Hopefully it would allow me to be a bit more aggressive on the shifts. Yea theres a few NZs running the speedtek gearsets and seem to be good. Jeff
  12. Yea would love to see it hitting a 9, however i am banned until i get a cage haha.
  13. Well its been a while. Had the car back on the dyno due to a fuel pressure cut and decided while it was on the dyno diagnosing problems we would tweak the tune a wee bit more. Ended up only making an extra 10hp however we had gained 50nm throughout the whole rev range. So now making 626rwkw and 950nm. Had a drag event on last month so decided to take the car down and give it a shot on the stock box. To anyone who thinks drag racing is easy...well its not my first pass was a [email protected] as the car completely bogged and almost stalled 😅played around with the launch control and managed a slightly better [email protected] Then for the last pass as i needed to go to a birthday party i just sent it and ended up with a [email protected] **please note the 60ft is 1.802 not 0.802 haha
  14. Hey @Shoota_77 Good to see your car coming along nicely. Be really interesting with how your gearset turns out. I was in the same dilemma about 2 months ago regarding gearset. Being in NZ one of the recommended gearbox rebuilders only recommended me to go for the OS gearset but was going to cost me about $12.5k NZD which i wasnt prepared to pay. I ended up getting in touch with Sam from Neat Gearboxes and settled with the PAR straight cut synchro box with the OS centre billet plate. Jeff
  15. Sorry bad english, I have thought about that tracing the wiring diagram to get the input signal, however i still want the centre console to look stockish.
  16. Hi all, Just wondering what is involved with using a R33 GTR triple din gauge into a R32 GTR? Reason is i have replaced the standard gtr cluster with a 7" Aim digital dash and im unable to to have the torque split displaying, and having a torque split controller i just want to see where its set to. So wondering if its actually possible to use the R33 GTR one has it has the front torque gauge. Cheers Jeff
  17. I agree, dyno is only a tuning tool the the dyno numbers are really just a pissing contest. Real way to see power is the mph at the end of the 1/4, with my power im expecting to hit the 145-147mph trap speed. My purpose of the car is a weekend toy, doing the old school pick ups and the occasional coffee runs
  18. No yet, last meeting was cancelled due covid lockdown. New season starts in September so will be out then to see what it does.
  19. Seems like the 6466 tap out around the 620-650kw. Im 620kw on 31psi on e85 on hub dyno
  20. There is a guy that lives in NZ running a 6466 with a .84ar on a stock bottom end and 4.3 diffs. The response is amazing. Im running at 6466 with a 1.0AR with stock diff ratios and definitely feels "lazier" than his car.
  21. Updated mods: Precison 6466 Gen 2 1.01ar Ats triple plate carbon clutch Custom 1.5in runner manifold with billet merge 1650cc bosch injectors Taarks surge tank with twin walbro 460lph Twin 40mm turbosmart gen v wastegates Results: 502kw on 100 octane 24psi 620kw on E85 on 31psi
  22. Finally got the car tuned today, well kinda of full tune on 100 octane made 502rwkw on 24psi and 616rwkw on 31psi with E60. More to go tomorrow as we will bump it up to E85 and maybe a few more psi
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