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  1. Good day, @PranK: This is what I was assuming as well, but wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to drive without being 100% sure. Don't want to take any risk to damage the vehicle even more. But it will be my last option I think. Thanks a lot for your input, really appreciate it. Cheers, Kury
  2. Guys, you are fantastic and I really appreciate your support. @DuncanChecked the turbos, as I thought it might be the coolant line from the rear turbo, but everything looks goods. @Duncan and @KiwiRS4T: The clutch is a great idea I havent checked yet. We removed the engine and also replaced the tranmission oil. Maybe it is a fluid line out of there. Thanks for the advice and hopefully, it will be solved. Any other clues or ideas, more than welcome! Cheers, Kury
  3. Hi Duncan, you mean while running in engine? Cheers, Kury
  4. Hi all,first of all I would like to introduce myself.My name is Kury and own a Skyline GTR R34.I love to work on the Sky myself, but am not a pro mechanic at all.After removal and strip down of the engine for overhauling, we put back all parts together. The engine fires up and is running smooth and basically I could be very happy about the outcome. Unfortunately I still have one pipe left, that I can not match where to place it the correct location. Has anyone seen this part before and can give me guidance, clues and advice where to place it the right way, please?? The engine is dry and nothing is leeking, even after running a while.Thanks in advance, your support is much appreciated.Cheers,Kury
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