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  1. yep, kinda common reduction I do not understand what's the fuss about it. just put ur blow off in front of the throttle and that's it, everything will work perfectly
  2. building rb30det?) A lot of builds are made on rb30e block, probably cuz turbo block is more rare. As I know difference beetwen rb30e and rb30et, is that the turbo block uses low compression pistons.
  3. yep, forget it. better go on with jz swap. A lot of info about such swaps and better engine itself I heard a lot about problems with boosted VQ engines
  4. just like JZ blocks, there's still a lot of new blocks in Japan and Arab Emirates but the price still overrated. haha and there's definitely not a single reason for reducing the price for such cars. Soon they will all become living legends like hachiroku.
  5. maybe a microcrack on it, so yes, better go clean it and see. Even If there's a cleft it's not a problem to weld it
  6. there're too many reasons. starting from bad fuel to fuel pump, injectors, coil packs, sparks. I think you should better visit your mechanic
  7. Hey, not sure how much it will cost to ship the bumper from the US, but, here's an exact one https://www.carid.com/vis-racing/techno-r-fiberglass-front-bumper-mpn-99nsr34gtrtnr-001.html?singleid=13001144&url=4955456
  8. 🤣🤣🤣 just to be sure that new engine is ok you need to sniff an exhaust if it smells like coolant - congrats, head gasket is blown
  9. I heard that they will renew the production of body parts for R32 and 33, guess that's even better than an engine block comeback
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